Friday, August 13, 2010

Guess who arrived today?

I'm not going to lie, I was not expecting them so soon. I guess that since my mindset was waiting for the Vanessa head I wasn't even thinking they would arrive before her. I mean I did order them a week after the head. Maybe since they came from the US compared to Canada they arrived sooner? I dunno.
All I know that they are here, and I'm psyched about it! Thankfully I finished that dress the other day, so I have at least one of them dressed.
I'm going to split the post up one for each to keep in manageable. Starting with the Brunette Ponytail. I'm so happy with her. Another ponytail! Let me start off with this, I've wanted a ponytail Barbie for the longest. It was just a holy grail for my collection, a Barbie old enough to have the original hairstyle. And I never got one, at the beginning I had a lot less Barbies than other dolls. Usually her friends are a lot cheaper than her. It's only recently that Barbie has started to outnumber her friends and family on the Vintage shelf. It wasn't until last year I got my first ponytail Barbie. This one's my second, and hopefully not the last. Looking over her right from the package, she's a bit more messed up than I originally thought. She has some dings and digs on her face, mostly on her nose. It's hardly a major issue, since they're not that noticeable. Also I do have a Bubblecut missing the tip of her nose, so this new doll hardly sets a president. The hand that's missing the fingers is just like how it was pictured, nothing new there. But there's also a large slice in the other arm, a slice that almost goes all around the entire arm. It's almost broken off! Which is scary, but a quick trip with super glue fixes that right up. Her hair's also a bit thin on top, once again not a big issue. I was hardly expecting a mint doll for 30 dollars, plus if she was mint I'd be too nervous around her, he flaws make her fit nicely into the collection.
Her jaw is a bit wider than my other ponytail, but I like that. It's not uncommon for the jawline of each Barbie be different. Some are wide, some are thin, and they also run the whole gamut of in between. The other one's a bit too thin, this one is just a bit more... Barbie, if that means anything to you. But here's something else that I wasn't expecting. She smells. And it's not a cigarette smell like from the dolls I got from Shirley, but it's a very floral sickly sweet smell. I think I'd actually prefer the cigarette smell to this one. I'm hoping that over time it will go away. I mean I've gotten dolls before that smelled. Francie smelled like a basement and the dolls from Shirley smelled like smoke. What I'm going to do is give her a week trial period and see of the smell transfers to her clothing or her neighbors. If it does she's going away for a while in a box with baking powder. That's what I did with the Shirley dolls, and it did lessen their smell. They still have a tinge of it, but it's a lot less noticeable.
I started her makeover with a bath. I was hoping that it would take away some of the smell, but it really didn't. I also had to pry the 50 year old rotting rubber band out of her hair. Ick! After that I redid her hair in the ponytail with the topknot. After that it was a quick redress and she was done. Her coloring really works with the dress, so I'm happy about that. Right now she's on the vintage shelf, paired off with the other ponytail. I can't believe that I own two of them! My collection's really shaping up.
Check back later for the update for the Malibu doll!

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