Monday, August 16, 2010

Here's what I got done today!

I'll start off with a brief introduction. Here's my Cinderella doll that I've had since... sheesh, 1997? It's been a long time. She's the only Disney doll in the collection and she's survived multiple thinnings out due to the fact that Cinderella is my favorite movie of all time. I think I can quote it the whole way thorough for the most part. Anyway, Cinderella here recently upgraded to a fashionista body (due to Vanessa not needing the one I got for her). I like the face mold Mattel used on this doll, with her not full smile, she has a look of sad longing that you rarely find on dolls. I find it so pretty. I don't think they use this exact head mold anymore. Last time I checked the Disney Dolls had HUGE heads. Cinderella's head is a tad on the large side for my liking, but she's a sentimental favorite. She kindly allowed me to use her as today's model. The good news, she looks adorable in this outfit, the bad news, I think Charlotte lost yet another outfit. I don't think she'll be getting it back, sad but true.
Now you can finally see the reason why I bought that Kelly green fabric that eventually became Malibu's. I was almost out of the fabric section in Hobby Lobby when I spotted this fabric, and just HAD to have it. It's flannel, large print, and expensive, so many strikes against it. But as I was looking at it, I was literally bartering with myself as to why I should get it. "I'll make Chatty Cathy pajamas, I'll make Charlotte pajamas, heck, I'll make me pajamas!" I knew that if I was doing that I had to have it. I got a half yard of it, knowing that it would last a while with me. The woman cutting the fabric asked me what I was going to do with it. My response? "I don't know, I just knew if I didn't get it, I'd regret it." But once it was in the cart I had the issue to figure out what to actually do with it. I had decided on a skirt, since it would overlook the large print. I really can't see much use for pajamas, nobody really sleeps. First I tried a gathered skirt, which was cute, but didn't really "go". I got all the way to finishing it. That was when Malibu took the socks and the shirt from the first attempt.
So this time I started all over again, putting the old skirt in the "give away" pile.
I'd decided to do another pleated skirt, I hate doing it, but love the results. I did most of the set up yesterday, and set it aside to dry. The next morning when I was finishing it, I found that it really looked nicely when it was sitting low on the hips. So it's now a drop waited pleated skirt.
I also ended up redoing the sock pattern I had. It was actually quicker to make it again than dig though the patterns I had to find the old one! It's so disorganized. I also needed to make it a bit bigger, since one of Malibu's socks looks like something's been gnawing on it, if you look at the back. She might get a new one too. The shirt went together simply, maybe taking me a half hour with the initial sewing? I'm still tweaking the pattern to get the best fit. In this one, I added some extra fabric at the back. I was also able to use matching thread that I bought last time I was out. But I didn't have an empty bobbin to use it, so the bobbin thread is yellow, but you can't really tell. Next purchase - spare bobbins! Look at me, getting sewing stuff, so mature! I paired this outfit off with some white sneakers, my final pair. These are squishy white ones that are usually only for Charlotte (there are SOME perks for being favorite!) but I didn't have any others. They don't really match, but they are the closest things I have. Hopefully I'll find something better in time. I'm glad I got something cute out of this fabric, or else I'd be kicking myself for letting myself get carried away with it's adorableness.


  1. So cute. I love the fabric. I saw some fabric today that I decided against but then picked up some cheapo plaid-ish fabric. Ugh!!! I have so much I need to start using it. Planning a sew-a-thon in a few days to try using up some of it on practice. That should be fun. Wonder if I have enough thread for it. Hummmm...

  2. Ugh, thread. Something that you never realize how little you have until you're out.

    But I love plaid, no matter how ish it is. Can't wait to see it!