Thursday, August 26, 2010

"I just saw a Mullet, can I go home?"

That's what I thought when I was out shopping yesterday. We were at the salvation Army, and there was a guy there with a mullet. As any person with common sense I shuddered inside. But I mustered my strength and kept on going. I found some doll wicker furniture that I toyed with getting, but I ended up putting it back. It was a similar size to the ones I have for Momoko, but both chairs were different sizes. And I have enough spare chairs kicking around anyway. Right now I should only focus on chairs for Charlotte. Getting her more so she can change chairs every three months. If I got those new chairs I'd be thinking only about the fact that I wanted more Momokos to fill them, and that's so not happening right now. I ended up leaving the salvation army empty handed.
But the Gods were smiling at me at Goodwill. I found something really exciting there. After a quick stroll through the glass section, I went over to look at the toy section. I had to wait for the people there to leave. Luckily it was during the day, so there weren't any kids there. I found a few generic blond Barbies, nothing to write home about. But then I saw something interesting. I couldn't see her face, but I could see that she certainly had an older style body. Pulling her free from the darkness I saw who it was. I instantly knew who she was. What I held in my hand was a decent condition Walk Lively Miss America Doll from 1974! If I remember correctly, Dorrie from "Somewhere that's green." found one a while back, but I'd know who she was before that too.
She was naked, not that shocking. I don't run a nudest colony, but pretty often we have naked dolls lying around here. In fact even as I write this, Charlotte and Chatty Cathy are naked. She had some issues, her legs were all grimy, but she still walked. I played with her for a little bit, watching her swing her arms and turn her head. Her dollar price sticker really sealed the deal for her coming home, although I would have paid more for her if required. I also did some more poking around trying to see if there were other dolls from that era. Sometimes if someone donates a doll that they've had for a while, they sometimes donate a few, so you might get lucky. I didn't find any other Barbies, but I did find another doll. I had no idea who she was, but I recognized that she was on the Tuesday Taylor Ideal body. Judging on the detail of her face I assumed that she was supposed to be a celebrity. She was also a dollar, so I got her too. I figured that for a dollar figuring out the mystery of who she is, would be worth it.
And now for a complain about Goodwill. Why would you charge three dollars for a doll just because she's dressed? When I was there I saw another doll. Some Barbie clone, that was missing a leg. She wasn't the most attractive, but she certainly wasn't terribly looking. She was wearing a sweater set that looked kind of cute. But she was three dollars. I know that the prices are a little predetermined for Goodwill, but three dollars? She's missing a leg! But I'm just complaining, I got two dolls from the 70's for two dollars. I should shut up and be happy.
Pics to follow!

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