Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just Another Sunshiny day here in Malibu!

I started off this project with an issue. When dressing the sole remaining Malibu ken, I could either make him match Malibu Barbie or go another direction. Matching them wouldn't be that hard. He would just get a Kelly green shirt with some white slacks, using the same fabrics that I used for her. Really nothing too out there, and items I've made before. But thinking about it made me realize that it might read as little tacky, especially since the green is so bold. Malibu's outfit only works in small doses. Even now looking up at the Vintage shelf it's a little flamboyant compared to the rest of the inhabitants of the shelf. Also Ken's not going on the main shelf since there's no room. He's off to the Vintage runoff shelf. So making them match wasn't cute, it was just tacky. Also if I started that I'd have to keep it up for the remaining Malibu dolls in the line when I got them. And it turns out there's more than the initial five that I thought, apparently Christie was part of the line, I assume she's more uncommon than the other ones, but now she's added to the want list. Although I was hoping to branch out more into Barbie's friends of color. Since I'm more into Mod, there's a whole series of friends that I'm missing. So I didn't want to have to make 6 different outfits out of the same fabric, all together that would be a bit more eyesore than I would like. Plus I don't think I could create that much variety with just white and green. So I decided to go a new direction for Ken.
He came in these pants, and even though he's been wearing them for I don't know how long, I just liked how they look. They were 70's without not being too overtly bold. They have elastic in the back at the waist that's shot, but I wasn't feeling bold enough to mess around with it yet, so I just used a safety pin to make them fit better. Someday I'll get around to fixing them, or flat out make him something new.
With that decided I also I decided to make him a yellow shirt, drawing on the thin yellow lines of his pants. It's the same yellow that I just used for Miss America's shirt. I guess I think yellow translates to the 70's. Still haven't used it for the project I bought it for. I made it using the same shirt pattern as Donny, just hemming the sleeves shorter. Went together pretty quick. I think I'm getting better at making things. Scary, I know. Still working in improving my hand hemming, it looks very amateur. I guess it's time to start learning some decorative stitches. I had some issues with the snap showing when closed. It's still a bit visible, but it's not something to break the outfit for me. If it bugs me too much I can work on it some more, but it's okay for now.
He got some blue sandals to go with it becasue... well... those are the only shoes that really worked with it. Originally I was going to give him some white sneakers, but I guess I've used up all the ones I have. Ken's really get the short end of the stick when it comes to shoes. I get them, but a lot of them are specialty shoes. Originally he was going to get a blue necktie to tie them into the outfit (get it, "tie"?"), but after making it, and finishing the shirt it was just too weird, and made the outfit a little complicated. I'll hold onto that little number for when the next 70's doll comes in. Apparently neck ties is another thing that I believe are 70's.
Right now he's on Vintage Run off shelf 2. It's got five dolls packed in it. Out of those five, three are 70's dolls. I'm thinking that the shelf will become where the 70's dolls fill out. It's got Malibu Ken, Miss America, Tuesday Taylor, a painted hair Ken, and a ken Reproduction (Who's just a place holder). I could have filled the shelf with 70's dolls, but I didn't want to fill it with dolls, just because I had them. I wanted to keep Malibu Barbie up with vintage because; A. She's Barbie, the namesake for the rest of them, B. Her knees are new enough so I don't worry about them splitting when she's sitting (most of the dolls are straight legged), and C. She looks pretty, so there she stays. Mary Clair is another 70's doll, but she belongs on the named shelf, and I doubt those dolls are really going to swap out anytime soon, especially if they are nostalgic favorites. After that I have Princess Lea? (not sure how to spell that!), Luke, and Dorthy Hamill. They are all from the 70's. Technically Donny and Marie fit there too. But I don't want to add more non-Mattel dolls into the Vintage shelf anytime soon. Tuesday Taylor joined, but she's more of a visitor. At the end of the day I'm a Barbie collector, even though I like having others in the collection, she's the one that started it all. So I'm leaving the Ken's on that shelf, knowing they will be replaced with era appropriate brethren soon enough.


  1. I like this outfit for him. I think it works better than a matching outfit with Babs. I think the sandals work too. They did that sort of bold thing in the 70s. Love the stripes on the pants so much. I dare say this outfit is "far out". ;-)

  2. Far out, I like that. Yeah, I think with his coloring the green would have been a little too much, also it's a bit of a feminine color. I like him in the yellow, although he's on the same shelf as Miss America, so they both are eye catching with their dazzling yellows.

  3. Well I look at it this way, come the bleak winter months you may be happy for that color. The fall is nice, but the winter is so lacking of colors it's kind of sad.

  4. That's true, they'll be my bright sunshine on those cold days.