Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Let's start off with some good news! I've identified the Barbie that I bought last week from the Salvation Army. I'd wondered who she was since she had some unique purple eyeshadow. Usually Barbie sticks with pinks, also she had early superstar sized eyes with eye paint that actually went with the eye contours, compared to the doe eyes she developed. She also had average eye makeup, which in my knowledge dates her before 1986 (Barbie and the Rockers Era). I was reading another blog, and they showed a photo of Peaches and Cream Barbie... say that looked familiar. Looking over her, yup, that's certainly her. It's funny because I'm pretty sure my cousin had that doll. I certainly remember that dress, from the few times we were allowed to play with my cousin's dolls. What I wouldn't do to have that collection. Although since she has a little girl she's certainly going to be passing it down to her. But, honestly, my collection's a lot better, so I'm just being greedy. I would like to have some of the fashions certainly. It would be nice to have a nice collection of 80's dolls and clothes, but I wouldn't trade my girls for anything. Plus I think my Vintage doll collection would make her Mom green with envy. I love when I can turn my dolls into something petty. :)
Anyway, Peaches and Cream cleaned up nicely. It took me a bit to fix her hair, but it really shined up nicely. I don't think this girl got a lot of play, which is pretty sad by the fact that someone hacked off the fingers on her right hand. I would have loved to left her on her original body, but now I can't, unless I ignore the hand issue.
Right now I transplanted her to a BB body, but I'm afraid she's suffering the same fate as most Superstar Barbies, I'm not warming up to her. She's really pretty, but like with these dolls, I just don't click with them after a while. It's weird I know, but here she'll stay for a little bit.

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