Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Introducing Bild Lilli

Okay, this was supposed to be another Introductory post, but I hit an underlying issue that really bugs me. Feel free to skip over this if you're non-confrontational, but I think it does merit a read.
Her name is Lilli, and she's a doll based off a comic strip from German newspaper, The Bild, thus the name, Bild Lilli. In the 1950's while traveling in Europe Ruth Hander, the "Mom" to Barbie found this doll, and while it was designed as a novelty, it was a large hit with children. Bringing it home she showed it to Mattel, showing them that a childrens toy could be created from it. And so Barbie was born, and Lilli was practically forgotten, a minor footnote buried away in the history of the doll she made famous.
On a even more bitter note, she wasn't completely forgotten, she was remembered as the inspiration for Barbie. But people forgot the truth. Instead of being ignored, she's been slandered and sensationalized, in the worst ways. I have heard Lilli identified in such names as a hooker, prostitute, or sex doll. She is in fact none of those things. At worst she was a Gold digger, so people please stop trying to sensationalize Barbie, and pervert this child icon. This is hardly anything new, people love trying corrupt childhood things. Now you'd think I'd be very protective of Barbie, but that's not true, there's many issues I have with her and her parent company Mattel. But I am extremely protective of Bild Lilli, a doll that has no way to defend herself against the slander. There's no protective company watching over what people report as facts, she is a doll that could have been a success, but was snuffed out before it could happen. There is no reason to drag poor Lilli's name though the mud, if she were a gold digger, she'd probably be consisted tame nowadays, and possibly given a reality TV show. It just infuriates me when people talk just wild gossip.

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