Sunday, August 8, 2010

Introducing A New Blog Theme, Set it aside Sunday!

I was certainly lagging on my current projects (steampunk, the Chatty Cathy Patterns), when I decided to make a new aspect this blog. Set it aside Sundays! On Sundays, I will take a break from the projects I've been working on, pick a doll from the collection, one that I'm not happy with how it's dressed. Then I'll make it a new outfit and work exclusively with that doll all Sunday until I'm satisfied with the results. And I do mean exclusively, I won't even look at Charlotte all day Sunday, no lie. Now sometimes this will be a multiple Sunday event, but fear not, that just means I'll post how far I got, and continue working the next Sunday.
This is also going to be a bit of an introduction post of the doll too, since I'm mostly going to be working with dolls that I haven't dealt with much in the past, so prepare yourself for that.
Stay tuned for my update at the end of the day!

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