Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's done... It's finally done!

I'm so proud to announce to you all, that at this moment Charlotte's steampunk outfit is done. I finally got motivated and finished it!

I started with the mindset to keep working on it, and hopefully getting it closer to being finished. So I started with working on the petticoat. I thought I had just added the eyelet material to the skirt, when actually I had gotten all with way to adding the waistband. So I was able to finish that pretty quick, just reinforce the seams, and add a snap. With that taking less time that expected I was able to keep working.
This also allowed me a chance to look at the costume at the most finished state yet, which was pretty exciting. I did a few minor tweaks on the shirt, re-hemming it, and tacking the collar down in a few places. With that done, the hardest part of the outfit complete!

With that hurdle tackled it just left the bodice to be finished. So I sucked it up and remade it, happy with the results I went to add snaps and, ... I couldn't get it to close. While I was sewing it I knew it would be a tight fit, but I didn't think it would be impossible to close. I could get a snap on at the very top, but at the waist I couldn't get enough overlap for one. I ended up using a hook and eye to close, and there was nothing I could do at the bottom, it just had to stay wide open. It looked terrible, and I was so not at the point to have one piece just throw the whole outfit off. I'd remade it enough to know that I wasn't willing to just let it happen like that.
So I ended up just taking the pattern and altering part of it. I added quite a bit of fabric at the back. I figured it would be easier to take away fabric than add it later. So then I made it once again, and I'm happy to say, my tweaks worked and the corset now closes in the back at all three places. When that was done I also added an over-sized bow in the back. It's a later addition, but it's super cute!
And now I present to you, at it's current finished state! I took it outside for this photo shoot. Standing in for Charlotte is my Living Barbie Re-Root (on a fashionista body). Charlotte's feeling a bit shy, so Rebecca kindly offered to model.
What do you all think?

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