Sunday, August 29, 2010

Just a quick update;

Today is out fourth Set it Aside Sunday (Although, our third where I will have actually finished something) and I wanted to share with you a quick update of what I did yesterday.
I ended up giving the Dotted Swiss outfit to Cinderella. It's really cute on her, so it works for her. Plus I couldn't find anyone else that it would work with. Unfortunately, this meant that the Frog outfit was no longer being worn. And looking back at it, I'm not that upset. While the frog skirt was cute, it was certainly a bit "bold" for the rest of the collection. I mean I still have it, and I plan on letting it come out and play from time to time, so it's not like it's gone for good. Also I didn't have any matching shoes for it, so it already had that strike against it!
But now I'm back to work for Set is Aside Sunday, and this time I promise, PROMISE, that you'll get something this week. And I vow to not even touch Charlotte until it's done.

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