Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Local Antique Store

No Vanessa yet today. And yes, I know I sound like a broken record. It's just when you've waited for something for so long, having it just out of your reach like this is so frustrating. Hopefully I won't have to wait for much longer. Also, you'll find this out soon enough, I'm pretty impatient in general, so I complain about waiting for anything.

I also got to go shopping today, someplace different than usual. I went out with my father to pick up some pallets (he burns them during the winter to save on heat). Originally he asked my brother to go, and he said no. Since I wasn't doing anything I volunteered. Since I was doing this out of the kindness of my heart I asked if we could stop on by to the local antique store. I was hoping that the person who sells vintage Barbies still had that box of shoes at her section. She sold them for a dollar a pair, and while most of them were super thin clone shoes, she did have some Barbie sneakers and Ken sneakers mixed in. That's where I got most of my Ken shoes, you just have to mine though all the dregs to get to the diamonds.
Unfortunately they were no longer there. Most of the Vintage dolls were there, but the box was gone. I hope it just means she was out, not that it was gone forever. She still had a lovely dressed number two ken doll for 39.50 and I saw a Fashion Queen Barbie for 55. Does anyone want to donate to the get me more dolls fund? I'll even name them after you! Ha ha ha. It was too rich for my blood. I only had my twenty birthday money, and while I didn't spend all of it, I spent some of it.
Oh, before I got into what I got, I just wanted to just do a little rant. I saw a lot of items today that were way, way, way over priced. I saw a Malibu Ken there, for 25 dollars. Malibu Ken! That's insane, just insane. I also someone charging 50 for a 80's Barbie and the Rockers doll. 50, did you read that? 50, and it wasn't mint, and didn't have it's shoes. Absolute madness. That same person was charging 100 dollars for the Barbie as a Nurse Vintage Fashion. It's just doll clothes for Pete sake, and it's not like it was MIB. I was just floored when I saw those prices, I understand wanting to make it worth your while, but come on, those are some pretty high prices. As I said to my Dad, having a stall here must be cheaper than renting a storage unit because some people are just doing it. I haven't been here since... last October at least, and I saw a lot of stuff that I've seen before.
Now there's something that I've seen before, that I've actually went back for. I think I found this way back when I first went there, and passed it by each time I've went for a variety of reasons. This item, a number two ken. His issues? Multiple. His head was cracked, his limbs were ivory pale, his was missing an arm, and his fingers on his remaining arm were all chopped off. And with his head, when I say Cracked, I mean he almost had his face off. Also he didn't have a price tag. So I left him every time that I went there, but I still looked. I checked again this time, thinking; "He must have sold by now!" But nope, there he was still, different location, but the same issues as before. But this time I felt bad for passing him. Since nobody else was taking him home, who would? Would he linger here in the store waiting for someone to take him home? I must admit that I don't collect the most perfect dolls. There's room for all outcasts in my rag tag collection. Having a wide spectrum of loved dolls makes my group special, so he ended up coming home with me for the price of three dollars. I would have liked him for less, but really he is Vintage, however in need of repair he is.
When home I took his head off and glued it. I also managed to glue most of my fingers, which always happens when I work with super glue. I tried giving him a pair of G.I. Joe arms I had but they were just too weird. The giant hands just looked silly. It also really limited what clothes he could wear, and around here, guys have slim pickings enough as it is. So I gave him back his singular arm. It's not perfect, but it's certainly more "him". I also put out a request for an arm on "In the Pink" not sure if I'm going to get any responses, I'm getting a little disenfranchised by that group, I hope I'll get over it. But anyway, not sure how to dress him yet, hopefully he'll tell me what he wants to wear soon. An arm first would be nice. Right now he's wearing a blue shirt, white pants, and white shoes. It's cute, but it kind of looks like he's a nurse. I think I may have to make him something, but time will tell, I have a lot of other things on my plate right now. I got the suggestion to put him in a cape, that will cover the fact that he has a missing arm. And guess what I have? That's right, I made a cape way back when for the steampunk project. So now it make get some usage, I love when pieces fall into place like that. I tried it on, just to see how it looked, and I really like how it looks. I'm going to have to make the outfit to go under it. It masks his missing arm, plus gives him some intrigue. Also, his head is also really wobbly, I think in fact his head shrunk. Don't ask me why, it just looks like that. To fix that I made an "O" of tan felt, and put it around his head knob. Now it's cushioning his head, so it won't swivel around on it's own anymore. So that's good.
I also got ended up with a bag of misc Barbie stuff. Well, partially Barbie, it was mostly modern Little Kiddle stuff. Did you know they made them again? And it wasn't Mattel, it was Tyco... I think. It was originally 6 dollars, but half off for three. I saw some pairs of shoes, so I figured I should take the risk and get it. I looked though it when I got home. Basically I got a pair of white Barbie sneakers, a pair of Barbie boots (that I've never been able to figure out how they are supposed to go on their feet.), a pair of Black Kelly Mary Jane's, Pink Kelly Sneakers, White Ballet Shoes, two Kelly dresses, Purple Ballet Flats, Pink flats, an interesting 80's hat, and some ribbons. So kind of worth the three dollars, especially since the white sneakers, purple flats, and pink flats fit Momoko and Francie. So it wasn't a total bust. And I was able to give Ian one of the plastic swords that came in the bag too, he only wanted one. He could have had them all if he had wanted. That's all I got today, here's hoping for good item on sale at Hobby Lobby this week!

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