Sunday, August 15, 2010

Malibu's New Clothes

Let me start off with a declaration, this outfit accidentally ended up belonging to Malibu. It was originally made it for Charlotte. It wasn't until I was done that I saw a glimmer of something that could work for Malibu Barbie. Which is good, because I've been having a terrible time figuring out what to do for the Malibu. But on a sad note this meant Charlotte was forced to give up yet another outfit. It's not uncommon, happens pretty often. Charlotte's a good sport for putting up with all of it.
I had purchased this Kelly Green shirt at the Dollar Tree last Thursday, it was Hanes, but I'm sure there was something wrong with it, but I'm not planning on wearing it, so I didn't care. It's really thin, so I don't think that it would last a long time in a real person's wardrobe. Thankfully the dolls are gentle on their clothes. I got it since it matched an adorable print fabric that I found at Hobby lobby. You'll get to see that in time. My mindset was to use it to make a Barbie turtleneck. I've made turtlenecks before, maybe about 30-40 of them, no joke. Right now there's 24 of them being worn by dolls in the collection. There's also packed away in the storage bags. For a while every time I made one, it went right on a doll, so I never had any surplus. I would have like to create a bunch, but each one I had to sew by hand. This was good for when I didn't have the sewing machine, but each one took a few hours each, easily. Which while I loved the result the time factor really sucked. So I wanted to adapt the pattern to work with a sewing machine. I had tried this before with not so great results. That shirt barely fit's Francie, so this time I expanded the pattern to 110 percent, and gave it another go. Using stabilizer I'm able to get it out in maybe a half hour? Much better, much, much, much better. There's still some fit issues that need to be worked out, but the original ones had some fit issues too. I just wasn't in the mood to fix them, since each shirt took hours, and it looked okay enough from the front.
So I made a Kelly green turtle neck, and some matching socks. You all should know, I'm a sucker for matching socks. I was looking over it on Charlotte, when it gave me some seriously 70's vibes. Not the skirt however, just the shirt and the socks. So I snagged Midge's pleated skirt and tried it on for looks. I like the look, but the color didn't work (Navy blue). I was showing it off to my Mother and asked her opinion. She mentioned a few other colors, including white. Ding! White! I had some white calico from Hobby Lobby that was just begging to be cut into. Long story short, I set up the pleats on the skirt, got it wet, and set it aside to dry. The next morning when it was dry, I finished it by adding snaps. It's so cute! The white and green really look good together. That's when I decided to add another aspect to it, a belt. I just love the preppy look, and I think the belt really ties the two together. I stole the buckle from a pair of Barbie clone pants. I had to snap the belt off to get it. I figured since I never use the pants, I wouldn't miss them. Plus I can make pants pretty easily out of better material. I really need to get some belt buckles, does anyone know where to get any?
Anyway, here's the outfit. I ended up giving her the white sneakers I just got. I'll never have enough of those. What do you all think?


  1. I must say that she looks very Marcia Brady in her new clothes. I've just read through your whole blog today and I am so in awe of your sewing skills. I wish I could do what you do. Oh you mentioned the need for belt buckles. I'm in the same boat so I went hunting for them a while back. Here are two shops I found that sell them. Hope that can help you.

  2. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog, and thank you for complimenting my sewing. Although, you should hold judgment until you see the backs of some of the outfits!
    Thank you for those links, for some reason I always forget about etsy being such a great resource!

  3. Oh don't feel bad. The back of my stuff always looks rough. But I figure, hey it's in back right. LOL! I hope to get better at that when I hopefully start selling what I sew. Time will tell. LOL!

  4. That's why I don't get too upset when the back is off. A lot of my clothes suffer from gap-itis. I can't wait to see your new sewing!