Saturday, August 14, 2010

Malibu's Old Clothes!

I forgot to mention that Malibu Barbie came dressed, In the oddest of outfits no less. From the picture I could see a red patterned jacket, blue jeans, and a white shirt. Nothing out of the ordinary, but nothing I was in dire need of, although sometimes there are some hidden gems in there. Just ask Talking Barbie, she came with a Red Jacket and a Hounds-tooth skirt, both which are on dolls in the collection.
But I wasn't so lucky with Malibu's clothing. First off was the jacket, literally. It's red sports coat, with circles of white stars, and in the center of the circle is a blue star. Very patriotic, my Mom thinks it's garish. I just think it's cool. The jacket was also huge on her, even the sleeves were rolled up. It took me a second to realize why, it's actually made for Ken. I tried it on my Vintage Ken, and yup it fits. It's actually a little bit loose, so I think it's designed for more modern Kens, like Malibu Ken. When I get one, he might be wearing that, we'll see.
Her blue jeans are also Ken clothes. I was wondering why they were so huge on her. Also... they're bell bottoms. They flare out so much at the bottom. I need to fix them, the inseam came undone, another Mommy made outfit. Right now they're on a G.I. Joe, but they're too short for him, I couldn't even get the snap close enough to think about closing. But it looks good from the front, other than the hole in the crotch.
The shirt was weirdest. It was actually long sleeved, cream colored with blue and red parts on the shoulders. It was made out of this terrible burlap fabric. The stitching around the neckline was all messed up, and the worst part, it actually had a label in it. "Made in Hong Kong". I had to take the doll's head off to take the shirt off. I don't think I'll be using it for anyone, but the other two items are pretty cool.

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