Thursday, August 12, 2010

Midge makes some changes in her life.

In order to get a new header it's time for another introductory post here on our lovely blog. I'm making progress, however slow it still counts. And as a general heads up, it's going to be one of those long one, since it's about a doll with an actual history to me ... Midge!
Now I may introduce this doll as my first Vintage doll, but I may call one of my Skippers that. The issue is I really can't remember which came first, the chicken or the egg. I'm kind of thinking Skipper is my first Vintage doll in general, while Midge is my first Vintage Barbie type dolls. Both are big milestones in their own right, but I digress.
My Midge came to me from E-bay, a very early E-bay bid. I think she came alone, but it was a long time ago, so the details are fuzzy. She was the beginning of an era, of a transition from just playing with dolls, to actually collecting them. Going from just amassing what ever dolls are handy, to actually finding dolls. I don't remember what I paid for her (Can't say it was too much) I'm sure she came naked, but I guess somethings are lost to history. But I do know somethings, Her hands were chopped up terribly, her eye paint was chipping, she had no lips or eyebrows, and her hair was butchered. Honestly, those things didn't matter to me, she was so pretty, and I just loved her. While I love Barbie, I've always had a special spot in my heart for Midge, there's just something about her I can relate to.
And yes, even though she was for the collection, I did play with her, old habits die hard, I'm still trying to get over playing with them. When I got her I had some issues. Luckily this was before the BB body, so the majority of my collection of clothes fit her. The problem is that I really didn't have a feel for what vintage dolls should wear. I think she went though a lot of outfit changes before she really settled on something that would work for her. Eventually Midge settled on wearing light blue carpi Mommy made pants, What I eventually found out was a skipper jacket, and I forget what shirt. She didn't get shoes, but that was pretty common, I doubt most people had shoes at that point.
While it's easy to work around missing paint, or fingers, it's really hard to work around scalped hair. You may not know this, but in Vintage dolls, they have very sparse hair plugs. They have a few around the bottom rows, but the majority of the hair is from the part line. Cut that, and you've got a bald dolly. Not much you can do working with that. And I wasn't able to do a re-root. Attempting that would have just lead to a failure, and probably a ruined doll. So Midge waited, with her mullet/pixie cut. And I tried to work around it. She became a Jill Valentine doll when I was going though my Resident Evil phase. But that phase went away, and her haircut stayed. Now fast forward to last year. Since then Midge changed outfits, and lost some more eye paint, other than that things stayed the same. But then Momoko came onto the scene. If you've read the Akikio post you're familiar with this. I bought a doll, with the intent to re-root her. I learned how to do it, and with that knowledge under my belt I was super ready to do it again, I mean, it's one thing to do it to a new doll, it's another to do it to fix a doll you've had a while. Now I have several dolls that needed it, but I picked Midge first. It helped that I had a Midge doll with perfect hair, so I wasn't getting rid of the only Red headed Midge in my collection, I was fixing a doll who needed it.
I went with a dark auburn color. Thinking it was time for Midge to make some changes, plus when I saw it on the website I fell in love with it. Even before it arrived, I had taken off Midge's head and removed all her hair! It was agonizing to wait for the hair to get here, I just wanted it to arrive to make my girl beautiful again. When it got here I just jumped in. I learned a lot from that, I had never done a vintage doll before, or even see one bald. I taught myself a lot about how Mattel roots it's dolls. Momoko taught me the fundamentals, but Midge made me apply it. Since she had less holes in her head, she took less time to complete than Momoko, but even if she took twice as long, I would have still done it. She looks amazing with her new hair! I just love how it came out. But I did have an issue, I didn't know how to do the bangs. I've since figured it out, but at the time I was too worried I'd mess it up after I'd done all that hard work. So I did a little hairdressing and just basically pulled it off her face. I've since then remedied the situation. Now she had bangs, but I haven't cut them to the right length yet, I'm still working on fixing her hair. So that's where Midge is right now, standing on the Named shelf, my lovely, lovely Midge.


  1. I honestly have to say, after seeing her in person after a reroot(?) I was convinced her hair would never stay down. Yet, it looks amazing without the plastic piece!

  2. The plastic piece is just to keep her hair styled, since the hair is so fine, it tends to shift a lot whenever she's moved.