Saturday, August 14, 2010

An open Apology to Malibu Barbie

Here's the second post about the new dolls, like I promised, this one's about my Malibu Barbie;

So I finally got around to getting Malibu Barbie. Since I'm finally building a larger Vintage collection it's time to start expanding beyond the just Vintage era. Mod started to trickle it's way in (I blame Francie, because I just had to have her.) And with that addition it's time to go beyond that era to the next one Malibu. But that's where I stop. I refuse to let Superstar be included. Now that's too modern. I guess maybe when I admit Superstar it means I'm old since that was the face mold they were using when I was playing with them. Although in my defense they just stopped using the Superstar mold, like a decade ago. I actually wasn't able to play with them until the late 80's/early 90's. But still, Superstar, too new, Malibu, almost too new.

The doll was an impulse buy, I was already buying a doll from this seller, and together their shipping was the same as it was for just one doll. I had been toying with the idea of getting one, just because I like the variety in the collection, so this seemed like a good of time as any. Also her 8.50 price tag really sealed the deal. I wasn't too emphatic about getting her, since I already had the 2001 reproduction, and I wasn't that thrilled with her. I got her way back when from a store that was going out of business, Ames I think (Doesn't that name take you back). I think she was ten dollars, or less. Either way, she came home with us.
Honestly I should have left her in the box, but this was my first dealing with Malibu Barbie and I was curious. What I found was a mess. Her coloring was terrible, orange skin and bold garish make up. Her fingers were stubby and splayed in the oddest of ways. Her legs also splayed out, so no matter how you posed her she would constantly spread them. Her jawline was really thick, also I think her face paint was off. And the final nail in the coffin, she had the oddest shoulders. How to explain it... They actually had a curve as you go along the shoulder, where the arm is actually higher up. It's hard to explain, I added a picture to show you what I'm taking about. So you can understand why I wasn't expecting much from Malibu Barbie. I was very underwhelmed with her, that's why I also skipped the newest "My Favorite Doll" reproduction from last year. Although I did buy the Number one, the Bubblecut, the TNT, and the Superstar from that line, but I only payed full price for the Number one and the TNT, the other two were only ten dollars from
But boy was I wrong. Looking over this new doll I am just enamored by her. She is just so... Barbie. I mean this doll defined Barbie for a generation. Whenever someone mentions Barbie, Malibu Barbie is what comes to mind, I would say this doll is her own icon outside of the Barbie line. Every issue I had with the reproduction is fixed here. Her skin tone is more of a bronze than an orange, her makeup is more muted and just goes. I also noticed that the actual doll's eye are smaller and less anime eye looking. Her eyebrows are more sculpted, and looks less than just a line like the reproduction. Her shoulders are straight, none of the curves, and her fingers are long, delicate, and lovely. Her feet are the older style and straight, no more spread legs for this girl. I finally get it, she's a beautiful doll. I just wish the reproduction was closer to the original, maybe I would have found that out sooner. I understand that Mattel want's to keep the Reproductions different enough so that they can't be passed off the original, but there's just soooooo much difference between the two it's stunning, and a little insulting. This doll just seals the fact that I want to collect the rest of the Malibu line, I just have to figure out 70's style. Wish me luck!
Stay tuned for her new clothes, I've been working on something for her.

Looking back I should have realized my error. I should have known that Mattel couldn't do an accurate reproduction. I've seen and owned enough to get that into my mind, but I guess since I've never come across a Malibu Barbie before I just took it for face value. And for that I apologize, I'm sorry Malibu Barbie, I just hope in time you forgive me.

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