Monday, August 16, 2010

Our Second Set it Aside Sunday!

Our second in the series of Set it Aside Sunday! Where I take a doll from the collection that I'm unsatisfied with, and work with it all day until I'm happy! It's a new series, so I'm hoping it sticks, so far so good.

So this morning I was looking though the collection trying to find who to pick for today's project. I don't like planning in advance, that's cheating. This way my mind's fresh and ready to get to work. Honestly, while looking though the collection there's not a whole lot of dolls that I really think need a re-dress. At this point if there's one I wanted dressed better, I would have done it by now, or at least started working on it by now. And that's a good thing, but then I remembered Donny... Donny Osmond. One of the dolls that recently joined and then defected from the Vintage Shelf in a matter of mere minutes. It's not his fault, him and his sister are just too new, also they are a bit of a specialty doll. And they don't really click with the rest of the group. I actually only got them because they were inexpensive, and I like having a varied collection. I knew if I passed them up then, I'd be kicking myself later when I had to pay much more when I eventually wanted them.

Here's Donny's before outfit. He's been wearing that for over a year, it's actually the first thing I dressed him in. It's a Myscene Masquerade Party outfit that I got from Biglots. Three bucks, for a ken outfit? You don't have to tell me twice, done, and done.
I started my search with actually looking up pictures of Donny Osmond, might as well try to make him something that he would have actually worn. That's the benefit of having a doll based on a real person, gives you something to launch off of. The issue is, the majority of the photos were really young Donny (10-13) or Donny now. And if I was guessing the age of the doll, I'd say at least 18. So I got a vague idea of what I wanted and did a quick sketch, here's that, ignore the Sponge Bob SquarePants paper.
I decided to go with a vest, with a collared shirt, and bell bottoms. I wanted to get the feel of the 70's but not go too out there with it. I like crisp tailored looks. After I had an idea of what I wanted, it was time to decide the colors. I didn't have any patterned fabric that would work, so I had to stick with solids. Deciding with an earth tone palette, I pulled out my browns, tans, and green. My Mom suggested that I do a brown shirt, with white matching pants and vest. That would be do-able, since last set it aside Sunday I made a Ken shirt and vest, so I knew how to do it.
I started off with the pants, I had to draft a pattern, since I wanted bell bottoms. This was pretty quick. I used the pants that came with Malibu as a guide to where the bells should start and how wide they should be. They were pretty simple, not much issue there. I was worried that I made the pants too small, but they actually came out too big. I used the Pajama pattern for it, since it's larger then the Ken pants pattern, and Donny's body is bigger than Vintage Ken. But now I have that pattern, you might be seeing it on some other dolls, heads up Malibu Ken when I get one!
With that done, I started to work on the vest. The worst part of it, are the rounded seams for the armholes. I'm terrible at doing rounded seams. I tried fully lining it, but that didn't work. It was too small to fit over his shoulders. Not sure what to do with it, I kept it, so someone else might end up with it. So I decided to try something else. Instead of fully lining it, I just lined it at the armholes. Similar to how the front facing works at the neck. This came out much easier, and looks so much better. I think I'm going to do that with a lot of my things. If I tweak it, I might be able to make most of my things look nicer at the necklines and armholes.
The shirt went together really easily, I don't know why, but that pattern is just so easy. Not sure why. Still need to figure out if the general torso pattern will fit Joe. I ended up using a larger sleeve pattern for it, since Donny's arms and hands are bigger than Vintage Ken's. I also used a larger collar to give it a more 70's look. Other than that it's practically the same one that I made last week for my one armed Ken (possibly named Edmund). After that Donny's done! I got everything hemmed, and added snaps last night when I was watching television. He might get some purple socks too. I tried making some for him, but they didn't work out so hot. I need to keep working on that pattern. But that's more of a frivolous thing than a necessity. Right now his white sneakers cover his feet, so that might be where that project ends, but you'd never know with me.


  1. So cool. Your work looks like it was factory made and not homemade. Donny looks very retro in his new threads. :-)

  2. Why thank you. You're going to give me a swelled head with all these compliments!