Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Re-organizing Blues and Issues

I started off the day without sewing. Today I had to muster up the courage and dive into a different aspect of collecting. Displaying.

I display my dolls on a full sized bookshelf, and a smaller media sized bookshelf. Each shelf is a different category; Silkstone, Vintage, Named Dolls, Japanese Dolls, The Dregs, and Chatty Cathy. The Media Bookshelf is dubbed Vintage Runoff.
The issue is that, with the influx of people, I need to find space for them. I had already decided what shelf they belonged in, although for the most it was pretty obvious.
The new dolls are as followed;
Number Two Ken - Vintage
Ponytail - Vintage
Malibu - Vintage
Vanessa - Named.
I decided to put Vanessa on the named shelf, since she's certainly worthy of it. That shelf is for my favorite dolls of the collection, Charlotte, Joe, Ashely, etc, etc. Since I don't have her yet, she might not stay there, but I figure that would be a good starting point. Finding space on the named shelf was pretty easy, since I have high standards, it's got the room. She's now in between Allen and Joe. She better keep her hands to herself, or else she is out! Charlotte won't let anyone get frisky with Joe, plus Joe has no intentions of doing anything with anyone else.
Vanessa was a bit easier to place since I was able to decide where she belonged. Now the other dolls were more tricky, since they were Vintage. That really limits where they can go. Not that I don't have Vintage dolls on other shelves, I do. But I wanted to put them with the other vintage dolls. But there's no room on their shelf on the bookcase. The main shelf fits 15 dolls, and that's what they've got, 15 dolls. I never thought I'd get to that point, but here we are. Also there's something you should know about the Vintage shelf, I like having both sides mirror images of each other. Skipper, Skipper, Francie, Francie, Midge, Midge, and so on and so forth. So far it's worked out. But that shelf is totally full, and I really can't bump anyone. I've had this issue before, and that's why I got the Media bookshelf, it was like 3 dollars at Goodwill. It's three shelves, and each holds about 4 dolls comfortable, 5 if you push them together. The top two were filled with Vintage dolls, with the bottom shelf full of misc dolls that when I was living in Portland I'd left here in North Carolina, but figured I could display them. So now I had to make room for three dolls among them.
What I ended up doing was some switching. On that shelf I had my Ponytail, and my Bild Lilli Clone, using them to mirror each other. That shelf also had my two Number One Kens. What I did was sandwich Bild Lilli in the center with a Ken on each side. Lilli is a people person, I'm sure she loves being surrounded by guys. On each side at the front are the Ponytails, the Blond and the soon to get Brunette. So that squares that away.
The next shelf has my two titan bubblecuts and my brunette number two ken and Allen. Originally Allen lived on the named shelf, but he moved to vintage runoff to accommodate Vanessa moving in. Basically I took him back out, and moved my Blond Number two Ken in. Allen returned to the named shelf. I'm sure I could have made it work, but it might have been a bit too tight of a fit. When I do eventually get another full bookcase Allan can rejoin his fellow Vintage dolls on it. Until then he can stick around on the Named shelf.
That just left where to put the Malibu. She really didn't fit with the others, she's quite a lot younger than most of them, although she uses the Stacey's facemold, which I have in the collection. So I was thinking about that bottom shelf. It's a little bit bigger, so it can easily fit five dolls. And you know what has five dolls? The Malibu line. It consists of Barbie, Ken, Skipper, P.j. and Francie. If I got one of each they could fill out that shelf, I just have to wait to collect them. Right now I'm expecting a Malibu Barbie, and I do have a Malibu Skipper, but she lives on the Japanese Shelf. Also her hair has been cut short, so I'd rather get one with better hair for the display shelf. Right now that shelf is full of other dolls, so when I get the Malibu dolls it will replace them one by one. And after all that I only put one doll away yesterday. Not too shabby, right?

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