Monday, August 30, 2010

Redress list as of 8/30/10

I'm thinking about re-doing this list every month, that way we can see what I got done, and what I need to keep doing.
Here's the list posted from the begining of July; Stacey, Scooter, Becky, Licca, Cosette, Princess Leia (sp?), Brunette #1 Ken, Re-rooted Midge, Fashion Queen.
From there I just got Stacey dressed just right. So she's off the list. I also swiped Fashion Queen's body, so she's off by default. Midge is dressed in an outfit that I'm giving a trial period, she may reappear on this list soon.

Right now the list stands as:
Malibu Ken,
Teen Skipper,
G.I. Joe,
Princess Lea,
Integrity Toys Doll 1,
Integrity Toys Doll 2,
Integrity Toys Doll 3,
And I think that's all for now...


  1. How goes the redressing of Vanessa? Has she told you what she wants yet? Maybe you need to take her fabric shopping. Maybe seeing her against the lush fabrics will make a bell ring. I need to hop back on my machine soon. Hopefully this week. Fingers crossed. Been working on knitting which has been hit and miss. But it's relaxing and I need that lately so it's all good. :-)

  2. No, Vanessa's still being quiet, hasn't told me a thing. And she keeps turning on the shelf she's on. She keeps turning partway around to face the side of the shelf. It's odd.
    You knit? That's cool. I learned once years and years ago, but I never stuck with it, it was beyond my mindset, and my patience. But I do see some cute things, that I wish I could make. But I understand about needing some relaxation in your life, totally understand.

  3. Yeah sometimes it's hard to stick with the knitting on bigger items but on doll size items it's a little easier. But when those small stitches slip and I can't get them back on the needles...ahhhhh!!! But you may want to try knitting again later because some of the stuff you can create is so cute.

  4. Maybe I should give it another go. I'll just have to build up my courage!