Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Reorganization for the third time today...

Okay, forget all I've done today, because it's all been undone. I tried living with it, but I couldn't. Adding that extra bookcase was just too much furniture in my little room. Also it was displaying dolls that really didn't need that much displaying. So I broke down, and took down the bookcase and reclaimed my small media bookshelf. But, I did change some things. One of my big complaints were the fact that since all of the dolls on the Vintage shelf were close to the outside I had all that wasted space in the center. Every other shelf was utilizing that space but that one. But I couldn't figure out someway to display a doll there that wouldn't block the view of the dolls behind it.
Then it hit me, dur, have them seated. I should have realized that before. So I took a spare Silkstone box and put it there. While it worked it was a little odd looking. It was also too long since I only found two dolls that would work to be seated. You have to be careful that they sit like ladies, if you know what I mean. Then another stroke of genius, I have some Barbie Dream House cardboard furniture, including the couch. Can't get anymore vintage than that, plus it's shorter. I have two dolls seated on that. I also took Skipper and Scooter and placed them on each side of the couch. They're short enough that they don't block the dolls behind them.
With four less dolls on that shelf I thought that it would be easier to fit the remaining dolls back onto the Media Bookshelf... but... I didn't put Donny or Marie back with the Vintage group. I tried, they're just too Modern, I mean they're from the Superstar Era. They don't fit, plus I'm not a huge fan of them. But I did keep Tuesday Taylor in the group, she belongs. Although I am thinking about redressing her. She's wearing her issue swimsuit that she came in, but I think she deserves some actual clothes, add that to the to do list. As long as I keep her suit available I don't think redressing her would cause any issues. I also added my re-bodied Stacey doll into the Vintage group. And I think this is going to stick, I really do like this. I ended up putting away several dolls that I was just having out to have out. This left me with the final shelf free on the Media bookshelf, and I just can't leave it like that. So I took my Barbie table and chairs and set up the cutest little tea time display! I really like this, even if it took me all day to do it, I guess it was worth it. Hopefully I'm done, I can't take much more of this.

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