Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Sloooooow Day

Didn't get a lot done today.

I think I'm a little stuck on what to do for Vanessa. I've planned out a few designs, even did some preliminary stuff, but right now nothing feels "right". I think I'm going to have to keep an eye peeled for what I want for her. I've been trying to find a celebrity to help give me an idea of what I want. I did this before with Stacey, using Marilyn Monroe for a guide, although what I found was actually an Audrey Hepburn dress. (Love, love, Audrey Hepburn.) So far I've tried, Marilyn Monroe, Maureen O'Hara, Dita Von Tease, Sophia Lauren, Ava Gardner, Sid Charise, Rosemary Clooney, and Betty Grable. It's hard because I use Google image search, and most of them have that "iconic" picture, and it keeps popping up. I don't know, I'm sure something will come, I just want it now! I know it may take a while to find what I really want, I mean I had Stacey over a year before I found what I really wanted to make for her. It all depends on what happens.

On another sour note, I almost got the Target Barbie Basics Shoe Pack. I had wanted it, but we don't have a Target in town, the closest is in High Point. But today my Dad had to go to Greensboro, and kindly offered to go there for me. It said it was in stock on the website, but when he went, he couldn't find it. He even asked one of their clerks, but they couldn't find it. He offered to get me the 1980 "Black" Barbie Reproduction, since it was on clearance, but I passed. While I want to expand my collection into Barbie's African American friends, 1980's was much too recent. Also she was a Reproduction, and uses the Steffie face. I just don't "get" the Steffie face. I want to, but I just don't like it. Anyway, I declined, since I'm still trying to justify the Peaches and Cream Barbie that I spent three dollars on. And she was the actual from that time doll. It's just if it had said it was out on the website, we could have planned to go to a different Target in Greensboro. Since their "find in store" part of their website is useless, what's the point of having it? Just... grrr....grrr...

I didn't do much sewing today. I made a few skirts, but gave up on them when they weren't want I wanted. I don't really have a project in front of me to tackle. I have a few things that I should do, but nothing that I really want to do. Maybe since all the fun projects are done I'm dragging my feet on the other ones? I really should at least try to make some of those Blythe patterns. I think the Momoko's would like some new clothes, especially Cosette. But I did get something finished today. Even though I love the Steampunk dress, and think it's a cute project I was thinking it was missing something. I noticed this when I was outside doing the photo shoot for it. It needed a little cape, something to use for the colder weather, and for modesty (it is Victorian after all). I just wanted a short little cape, that didn't cover much, with a tie in front. I had something like it, but it was pink. It was the cape that came with my Sweet Poodle Momoko. I liked the idea, but it looked so labor intensive I didn't think I was ready to draft a pattern, especially when I was just so happy to be done with the project. Today I remembered that I had a pattern like that. It's from the Barbie in Japan book. One of the coat patterns had a small cape that you could add to it. I thought it was a bit of overkill and planned to not do it, when I made the coat. But I still had the pattern, and could do it for this project! It's designed to be fully lined, so that was a little, "I hope I can do this." But it came together not that bad. I even added ribbon at the neck, so it can tie shut. I did that during the initial sewing, so I didn't even have to go back to add it. I closed the opening in the back with the blanket stitch, so glad I practiced that. After that all it needed was some glue at the ends of the ribbon to keep them from fraying. And it was done!
I used Ashley for today's photo shoot. I really need to get Charlotte fixed, like I really, really need to do it. It was something I could ignore, but if I had it done, I could use her for the model in all of the photos. I mean, I use her for when making it, so I should use her for the photographs. She needs to be ready for her close up! I haven't been using Ashley since it's a pain to undress her from what she's wearing, but it's worth it. For some reasons the pictures came out really nice with her. I really like how the cape came out, both functional and adorable. I wish all projects came out this easy.

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  1. I want that shoe pack too but I just can't spend the 15 dollars on it now. Now matter how much I want it. I mean...I could buy myself two pairs of shoes at that price. More if I went the thrift store. But I really do want it. :-( I know I will eventually break down. It's only a matter of time.

    Oh and Audrey Hepburn? LOVES!!! She is my all time favorite actress. I've been playing around with the idea of naming my new Liv doll Audrey, but not sure yet. I know you will find the right thing for Vanessa. Just relax and it will come to you. Give it a little more time. :-)