Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some more Pictures

I've been playing around with the camera some more. I was trying to see if standing back further would create a sharper focus. So I tried that, only one photo came out decently. Not sure why that came out better than the others. I guess I still have to keep experimenting.

This is the Steampunk outfit you've seen time and again, with some minor changes. It's got the new cape, which you've seen before, but I'm also showing the hat I made. One of my first steps into hat making. Pretty exciting! I also used the older skirt that I made that I deemed too long. It works for this "Victorian Winter" look that I have going on. I'm thinking about getting some fake fur so I can make her a winter muff. I'm also thinking about using this dress style for Charlotte's Christmas dress, I'll just have to find a fabric that works for it. After that I'd just have to make a new skirt, armbands, cape, and hat. But Christmas is along time away, I'm still trying to think about what Charlotte should wear for Halloween. Anyway, here's the pics.

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