Thursday, August 5, 2010

Some Non-Sewing Personal Updates

Today I was hoping for the Vanessa head to come in the mail, but no such luck. Thursday was my unofficial guess for her arrival date. But it wasn't a total wash, I got the money order for the Micheal and Jane Banks dolls. Which means I have to get them shipped out. Hopefully I have a box that fits them. I wasn't even able to keep the cash. I made a mental promise to give the money to my parents, which I did. I was good.

Bad news on the diet front, I've been terrible with it. I blame my father. Today he brought home Chinese food. Luckily it was lunchtime, so I was able to have the higher calories. I also skipped my mid-morning snack, and my mid-afternoon one. So tonight for dinner I had plain salad, and water, skipping my dessert. Hopefully that makes up for the calorie glut of earlier. I just hope the late night snackies stay away! Boo! Hiss!

And on a final update I have another surprise to share with all of you, but I'm going to keep it a secret still. For a little hint, look at my "Spoiled, Selfish, Wants List" it's something on there!

Much Love! ~Aubrey~

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