Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday in the 70's!

Today's model is my Reproduction Malibu, standing in for the real Malibu. No, I haven't gotten them yet, it's way too soon for that. I figured I could (and should) use her since they should have the same color palette. And I don't have any other dolls with that same coloring. Also having the reproduction would allow me to finish the outfit, so it's ready for the new girl as soon as she arrives. I have a huge issue with 70's fashion, I really don't know it. I'm familiar with the 50's, and getting more aware of the 60's, but the 70's are foreign territory. So I'm starting off simple, an outfit that uses 50's elements for a starter, just arranged for a more 70's look.
One of those elements is the fabric, that I use. I've had this fabric for a while, I got it from my Grandmother, but haven't found a real use for it. There's not enough to use for Chatty Cathy, but the pattern is small enough for the 12" girls. The other dilemma is that the fabric is a little... Holly Hobby...ish. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I don't have any dolls that fit into that era. But now I'm getting one, it's time to use it.

Overall, it went together pretty quick, it's all Barbie made patterns. I've also used each one a lot, so I've already worked out all the issues with them. So it came out well. It's incredibly simple, but the issue is, it might look it. So it might not work overall. Maybe if I do something to it, would that work? Maybe I'm back to the drawing board tomorrow.

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