Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Taylor Joins the Vintage crowd!

From my legendary shuffle the other day we had one doll join the Vintage group. My first non-Mattel doll to reach that status. Ideal toys Tuesday Taylor.
I had purchased Ms. Taylor from the local antique mall many moons ago. I had read about her (mainly hearing about how she had a hard time finding shoes), so I was vaguely familiar with her story. She was competition for Barbie. A famous fashion doll, who's main feature was a scalp that could swivel. One side was blond, the other brunette. There was also an 18" version called Tiffany Tuesday. With her delicate facial features, and unique look I decided she would come home with me. The fact that she was only 9 dollars, and came with her issue swimsuit and sandals did play into that a little bit.For a while I didn't know what to do with her, in my research about her I found out that she was a later issue doll, and her outfit was mainly complete. All that was missing was some gold foil on her bikini bottoms. Although, It's not too shocking it's gone. It was pretty flimsy stuff to begin with. She was actually supposed to "tan" when you put her out in the sunlight. I'm sure that feature's long since gone. Joe had that feature, and he can't do it anymore, and he's considerably younger than her. I looked at her as a blond and a brunette and decided that she looked better with dark hair. I have too many blonds already, plus it made her skin tone really look oompa loompa. She got stuck in her swimsuit for the longest time. I just added a pink Barbie dressing robe, to make it look more like she was lounging around in her lingerie, not eternally destined for some non-existent beach. And so she sat on the Dregs shelf, traveling with me from NC, to Maine, and back to NC. Sometimes she stood in the back of the shelf, sometimes she sat, but there was always something about her that drew me to her. I think she's the doll that moved around the most on that shelf. Quietly she moved around that area, but nothing seemed to work for where she should be located. So when I had a free space on the Vintage shelf, I felt it was my duty to offer it to her. I mean, Malibu was going to move in, I think she fits the time frame. So she became the first non-Mattel doll to join. (I'm not counting the Bild Lilli clone.) It was a pretty good match. I mean, it didn't take for Donny or Marie.
After she had settled in to her new home I got around to looking at her. With her swimsuit on she just looked silly. Completely out of place on this shelf. She stuck out like a sore thumb among the other dolls in their 1950's day wear. Nobody else was made to suffer in their stock outfit, why was I being such a stickler with her? That's when I decided to make her something. I wanted something light, airy, casual, and 70's. I also needed to make something that matched her shoes, since I only had one pair that fit her. So like it or not, they had to work with it.
I decided to make her a simple sundress. That's why I got the white calico. I've been noticing that the broadcloth is really thin, so you can see right though it. Also calico and broadcloth are very similar in constancy, so if you can work in one, you can work in the other. I was just a little shy, since I'm still dealing with fabric that I bought way back before I knew what I could and couldn't work with. I used the bodice pattern that I tend to favor. I knew it would work since Tuesday's body and the BB body are really close in measurements. But instead of leaving it long, I trimmed it, so it ended right at her waist. From there I added a small skirt. I wanted it to be long, but not overly full. Originally that's all I was going to do, but in my mind the dress seemed a little bland. But then I remembered that eyelet material that I purchased at Hobby Lobby, right before I found that bag full of the stuff. It's a tad out of scale, but it really adds some decoration to the dress, and I like that. I also did some gathering at the bust, similar to Stacey's sundress (I love knowing how to do that!), and finally simple straps. It came out really nice, and it just looks perfect. Nice and simple, like a carefree girl wearing a sundress as she gets ready to enjoy another fun filled day at the beach. I was also able to use her swimsuit bottoms under the dress, so she got to keep some of it.
You know, I think I'm turning into a fan of the 70's. As long as I get to pick and choose my favorites!
On a random side note, after I finished this dress I realized it looks a little, Miss Scarlett getting ready for a picnic at Tara. (I mean it looked like something women wore under those grand dresses.) So I made another one, this time omitting the straps. And I like it. Charlotte was wearing it under a fancy dress the other day. It's good because a lot of my formal clothes are designed for the older style body. With this dress underneath it adds some bulk to the bodice, filling it out, since the BB body is less busty. and since it's so skin tight at the waist, it really doesn't add to much bulk there. Such a modest group I have!

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