Wednesday, August 11, 2010

An Update to the Reorganization

Okay, so I ended up completely redoing all that I just did. I was looking over my handiwork and just wasn't satisfied. I let it sit for a while but I still wasn't happy with it. There was just too much going on over at the media bookshelf. There's only so many dolls that it can fit. That's when I decided ... time to get drastic.
Downstairs, there's a much larger media bookshelf that I was told I could take if I wanted it. I thought it was too soon for that, but today I decided that I think it was time for an upgrade. With the influx of dolls we needed it, although I'm expecting once I get what I'm waiting for, I'm going to be done for a while. So I did some swapping. I brought downstairs my little bookcase, brought up that media bookshelf, and brought up one from the basement to replace the one I was taking from living room.
After I was done fixing the mess I made in the living room it was time to look at the mess that I had created in my own room. Originally I wanted the new bookshelf next to the old one, but it was just too much. Having those two items in the room was just too much together. So I ended up doing some shuffling of the furniture in my room. So I'm letting that sit and see how I like it.
I originally thought about putting the Vintage dolls on the new bookshelf, but when I was adjusting the shelves it turns out that in order to get the most out of it, they have to be too short for Ken. If I made them taller, I end up with one shelf that's way too short. If I make it just tall enough for Barbie I can get 5 shelves out of it. So that's what I did. But when I went to start putting the dolls in, I found another issue, while Barbie fit, and if she had a large hairstyle (Bubblecut) then it wouldn't. So I had to rethink it. So I decided to not make it for the Vintage dolls, I was going to move the Dregs over to it, and use that now free shelf for the Vintage dolls. I would prefer to have the Vintage dolls higher up, but that's impossible. In order to do that I'd have to move Charlotte's row to the lower shelf, and that's not happening. The Japanese Dolls can't move because the way that the bookshelf is designed their shelf is shorter, which is why they got it. So my hand was forced. It now goes; Silkstone, Vintage, Named, Japanese, Vintage 2, and Chatty Cathy.
So I moved the Dregs over. Some dolls had to kneel, but for the most part they went in all right. Some of them have their hair touching the top, but I don't think it's going to cause a lot of trouble, I rarely use dolls on that shelf. I got about 5 dolls per row, less if it included Men. And I still have a free shelf to use. When they were squared away, I had a free shelf to fill. Pulling though the collection it turns out I had 15 dolls to go into that shelf, filling it. I took Allen back from the Named shelf. Once I had the full 30 dolls I had to decide who went where, splitting between shelf A and shelf B. Originally I wanted to split it up in era, but I didn't have enough later dolls to fill the lower shelf. Also I didn't want to put Francie on the lower shelf, so I went another direction. So basically it's a hodgepodge of Vintage dolls. It's got Barbie, Bild Lilli Clone, Skipper, Scooter, Ken, Allen, P.J., but surprisingly no Midge.
Right now it's at a point where I'm comfortable where everyone is. Although, I think any new dolls are going to be seated in front. With the dolls all against the walls, there's a lot of free space in the center of the shelf. All the other shelves utilize that space, so it's time for them to too.
Oh, on another note, This regroup allowed Donnie and Marie to join the Vintage group (Although they are really skirting that label of "Vintage" since they're from the Superstar Era), and Tuesday Tiffany is the first Non-Mattel doll to join. Please welcome them with open arms, we're very proud that they've decided to join!

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