Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vanessa's Here!

I failed to mention that Vanessa arrived the other day. There's been some whirlwind of stuff going on here, so her mention kind of fell aside. Which is funny since I was agonizing about when she would arrive. I blame the two new dolls that came here shortly before her, I was all in a tizzy getting things arranged for them that poor Vanessa got ignored.
First off, the Fashionista body did not work. How upsetting. Vanessa's skin tone is much lighter than it. She's a really pale ivory color. I thought that might be the case, but each photo I saw of her, the skin tone looked different. So, I had to make that call when she arrived. It turned out that she was much too light for it. Luckily I had a BB body that would work. It's not a perfect match, but I think it's good enough. I just wish I had one with the hard plastic legs. Those are my favorite.
I never knew that fashion royalty doll's heads were hard plastic. Not horribly shocked they are though. So I had to do the boil method in order to get it soft enough to put on the new body. I remembered that you had to be careful with the Fashion royalty dolls, they have applied eyelashes, that could come off with water. So I put the head in a plastic bag to keep it out of the water. Big mistake, turns out the bag came unsealed at one of the seams, AND it sealed itself shut. So I had to tear it apart in order to get her head out of the bag. Luckily her eyelashes stayed on, unluckily her neck knob was too loose and her head kept spinning around. So I had to take it off again. This time I did it differently. I lowered her into the boiling water, holding her head up with a bent paperclip. This way I heated the neck, and was able to avoid dunking her eyelashes again. I added a rubber band around the neck joint, and while it's a bit loose, it's much better.
No pictures yet, since she's not dressed, I honestly have no idea how to dress her. Any suggestions? I'm totally stumped, is she going to become the Red Moon of the Named Shelf???


  1. Congrats on Vanessa finally showing up! I know that had to make you happy. I am waiting on a doll to show up too. Should be here tomorrow or Tuesday. I want to get a few more things for her and then post about her. As for a body match, have you though about Volks or Obitsu bodies. I saw someone put a FR head on one of those and you can get them fairly cheaply online. As for what she should wear, some glam for sure. I picture one of your turtlenecks in red with a white pencil skirt and white belt. Yes much like the Malibu but with a pencil skirt instead. I just liked the turtleneck look. It can be casual and glam.

    Oh and I was surprised you lived in NC too. I live in Fayetteville. When you mentioned the heat I just nodded in agreement. But good thing is it's slowly getting cooler, so not much longer now before it feels a lot better here. Can't wait to see what you make Vanessa. I'll check back soon. :-)

  2. Can't wait to see the posting on your new doll. I know how exciting it is when they show up.
    Maybe by then Vanessa will have something to wear! I did work on it a little but I got side tracked by the frog outfit.
    Yes, I live in Asheboro, it's where the state zoo is... and nothing else. I'm praying that the cool down happens sooner. The AC needs a rest!

  3. Oh yeah, I went to the zoo when I was kid but haven't been since. I would love to go again. I heard you have a great crafty community out there. I'm quite jealous of that. Don't feel bad about not having much out there. Here's not too much better, but it's growing...slowly.

    No doll today. *sigh* But tomorrow for sure. It came down from Charlotte today so it should be here tomorrow from FedEx. UPS would have had it here by now. But I'm not bitter...well not by much. LOL! But I can't wait to get her. Gonna take tons of pics and do some haul posts. Hope they won't be boring. :-)

  4. The Zoo is pretty cool. I live literally one street over from it.
    We have a crafty community here? I didn't know that. I'm new-ish to the area, and haven't dealt much with the local area. I guess I should start exploring more.
    I'm sorry your doll didn't arrive yet. I hate knowing that it's in state, but not here yet. It's like, "Come on, I could have picked her up my now, myself!" I can't wait to see and read your posts, exciting!