Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Waitress wouldn't wait any longer!

bThe other day when I was shuffling outfits around on the Silkstones I found myself unhappy with what the Waitress was wearing. Even though I now had a perfectly fitting outfit in my hand that I liked, but she just couldn't pull off the Dotted Swiss outfit I was trying to fit in. I ended up giving it to another Silkstone, but she's since then gone back to her original outfit. My search continues! So when I had that Silkstone's clothes I played around with them and what the Waitress was wearing. It was then that I realized how unsatisfied I was with what she was wearing. I guess when I originally styled it, it was a it will do for now mindset, but I never got around to actually making it better. With the Silkstone reclaiming her clothes, I was forced to reevaluate the Waitress's clothes. She was wearing a gold top, with a early attempt skirt by me, and they just weren't working. With my dislike apparent, I took her down to create something just for her. I also gave her a dusting, I forget how dusty it gets on top of the bookshelf.
With this doll I already had an idea of what to dress her in. With her heavily vintage inspired face paint she just screamed Dior suit! She's been screaming that since I got her, I just never had one, the means to make one, or the skill set. With my recent advancements, I figured it was time to make another go at it.
I started with the blouse. It's once again the corset pattern, this time in white. Originally I was going to add some straps, but couldn't decide on what ones. So I skipped it. They would have added bulk to the jacket, plus you really can't see them. If I decide to add some later, it's pretty easy. This is actually my second attempt, the first one was made out of a shiny fabric. The problem is, I really can't work with slippery shiny fabrics yet. It was too slippery, and just looked terrible, so I threw it out and began again in white calico. Came out much better, and looks pretty nice.
The skirt is another pattern I've made before, so it came out simply with minor issues. Since it's closes on top of the corset top it doesn't fasten well in the back. I had to use a hook and eye loop, and there's a bit of a gap. Luckily the jacket covers most of it, so it's not that lewd.
The jacket was the part that I was a little hesitant. I think I tried to make it before and it didn't come out so well, but that was a while ago. But when I went to go find the pattern, I couldn't find it, so I had to print it out again. From the directions it's supposed to be lined, but I really didn't want to do that. It would have just added a lot to the bulk of the jacket, plus I'm lazy. Instead I did it normally, although I had to take it in a bunch. This pattern was originally huge on Barbie. I don't think having it lined would have helped. I had to make a back seam taking in maybe about 3/8? or more. I have some issues with it being not symmetrical, but it came out pretty good for a first attempt. I did the neck hemming by hand, using the blanket stitch. I like using that stitch, it's fun. I wish I knew more decorative stitches. My grandmother knew stuff like that, but she passed away in '89. So I guess I'll have to look elsewhere for learning.
I also made her necklace, and bracelet. The bracelet is the only remaining thing from her original outfit, besides the shoes. Her necklace I made originally was three loops of pearl beads, that I couldn't get to stay flat on her. So I took it and remade it into one long strand that I could loop around her neck. This gives me more options for what to do, and it now fits much better. Although it used up most of my pearl beads. I'll have to get more, I love using pearls for jewelry. Oh! I also made her gloves. I hate, hate, making gloves, but I guess I can do it. I'm still working on my technique, so I'm hoping to get better as I go along. I wish I could just buy gloves compared to making them, but this will have to do for now.
There's a ton of pictures because I'm still playing around with the camera. Enjoy!

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