Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Welcome these two into the fold

I think it's time to announce my newest addition into the collection, I once again held off on posting as soon as it was happening in case it fell though, I would never want to lie to all my faithful readers.
Remember way back when I posted my "Spoiled Selfish Want List"? Well now I can cross something off it! Yay for me!
The item is the Ponytail Barbie, which is actually one of the items that I put down even though the odds of me getting another one was greatly against me. They normally go for way out of my price range. But etsy.com changed that. I found one a few weeks ago on there for forty dollars, which is out of my price range. So I made my peace with the fact that it was out of my reach. And life went on.
A few weeks later I looked again, and she was still there, and her price had been lowered to 30. There I sat at my screen my mouth dripping with saliva, lusting after this girl, (try to get that image out of your head) when I mentioned it to my Mother, she offered to get it for me as a belated Birthday present. I'd be an idiot to pass that offer up. I also browsed though the seller other items to see if there was anything else I wanted. She also had a cute Malibu Barbie for 8.50, and I was thinking about getting into the Malibu dolls... hmmm... It was actually the same price to ship the two dolls compared to just one, and 8.50 was a good deal, and I did have some money tucked away... So she was added to the cart as well.
So now I'm waiting for them to arrive, I've been planning on what they're going to dress, so you'll be seeing that showing up here on the blog before they do. Let's see what you think!
Here are the sellers photos, the Ponytail is missing some makeup, and has a pretty mangled arm, but I'm more than willing to overlook her flaws for that price. I think the Malibu is in decent condition, I really can't remember.

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