Friday, August 27, 2010

Went out again for some shopping, originally I declined to go, but when asked again I decided to tag along. Stopped in at the Goodwill, but lightening doesn't strike twice, so I left there without anything. I also left Walmart empty handed, although not surprised, nothing in the currant Barbie line screams "Get me!" except for that horseback riding outfit, but they don't have that in stock yet. Everything else was more of a, "It's nice, but I don't really need it." Right now if I don't really need it, then I shouldn't be getting it. Although my resolve is weakening for the Liv doll clothing. It's so cute, modern, and not trashy. I just wish it was cheaper, and that the shoe molds were a little more attractive. I wouldn't be totally adverse to getting a Liv doll, except that their heads are huge! Plus I don't need anymore impulse buy dolls. Right now we are full to capacity, no more room at the inn around here.
I also looked at the Christian Second hand store, but the had nothing new. Not shocked since we'd been there last week, and they really don't have the quickest turn around. They had a couple newer Barbie dolls, but nothing I needed, or once again, wanted. But that's not all where we went. There's a Habitat for Humanity Restore that my father wanted to go to. I have never been there before, although I've seen it before so I was curious. Not a whole lot of stuff there that interests me, but they did have a huge supply of fabric pieces. The down side is that it's upholstery fabric, and most of them are pretty old and gaudy. Most of it I wouldn't want to use on my couch much less on my dolls. I did however, find a few things that I didn't think were too terrible. Not terribly sure what do to with most of it, although some things are ear marked for coats, since they are really too heavy to use in everyday things. I got some more "vintage" looking fabrics to help with the vintage doll dressing. I'm hoping that I'll find uses for most of them. I didn't get a lot of each of them, but everything in that photo cost 1.20. Not too shabby.

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