Monday, August 2, 2010

What do you all think?

Please read this quote; it applies to what I'm talking about. Thanks!
"Author Anne Rice is one collector of such magnificent dolls and they can be seen on display at her Doll Museum in New Orleans... It is interesting to note, however, that Rice once stated that she moved her doll collection to the centralized museum location because it basically bothered her to have them around her house. Prior to the opening of the museum, when she and husband Stan Rice were making one last walk-through, Rice is quoted as having said she “wouldn’t like to be locked in here all night with all of them [the dolls].”"

A few days ago I was surfing the net, looking up the best ways to display old dolls (I was thinking about Ellen Francis) when I stumbled upon that little quote.

And it bothered me. I mean I understand people getting creeped out by dolls, especially those that don't collect them, but Anne Rice is a collector speaking of her own dolls. Something she collected and purchased to what I assume make her happy. So her words are a little puzzling. Although maybe if I was standing in a dusk filled room surrounded by dolls behind glass that were all staring silently at me, I'd be singing a different tune, but right now it's a little perplexing.
Maybe I'm a little different, I consider my dolls my babies, I would never think about them wishing me harm. While each of them have different personalities, I would say that they would all would wish me well, and if they were to become real they wouldn't want to destroy me. (And yes I know how impossible that is, and I promise you I'm sane... ish.)
Maybe it's because I'm so close to them, that I'm coming from a different mindset, I must admit that I have a modest collection compared to others. I also haven't been collecting terribly long, and with my financial straits I tend to keep my collection relatively small. Maybe when there's a greater amount I might feel differently?
All I know is that I'm a huge fraidy cat, but I have no issue sleeping in the same room as them. I understand that people believe that dolls can posses the aura of their previous owners, but I would think that the dolls would be appreciative that I was taking them in and love them when their original owners were not doing it any longer. What do you all think? Do I make sense, or am I completely nuts? Please blog world, tell me???

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