Monday, August 30, 2010

What a weird day...

I went shopping again today, but this time it wasn't my fault! My father asked me to specifically to go with him to go get pallets. I said I would, begrudgingly, not thinking about going anywhere else. He then mentioned going to a second hand store that we had passed earlier in out travels. Since we were already going out I asked if we could stop by the "creepy antique" store in town that we usually skip.
We call it creepy for a number of reasons. When you first walk in you find yourself in a tiny room, smaller than my Bedroom. It's full of random stuff, just amassed in no general order. Most of them aren't labeled with prices. Also it's creepy because of the woman who runs it. I'm sure she's a perfectly delightful woman, and I feel bad commenting on someone's family member, but every time I've interacted with her it's been really odd. She's a little more chatty than general small talk, and I really don't know how to respond to it. When we came in she had a record that was turned into a bowl, and my father commented on how warped it was jokingly. She had to explain it to him that it was a bowl, and "art" (not that I would ever call a record bowl art, it's called kitch) After that she was talking about records, and asked us if there was any records that we were looking for. We don't collect records, so we said no, but she did keep asking us about it. I just wish she would have left us alone to shop, but that's my personal opinion. Also most of the items for sale there are in the basement. The cool/creepy horror film basement. If I ever go missing; look for me in that basement.
Now, normally I would have skipped it but there was something I was looking for this time. We hadn't been there in at least a year now, last time we went I didn't find anything I wanted. But I did remember that they had two Malibu Kens. I wasn't collecting them at the time, so I passed them by. I was taking a calculated risk thinking that they would still be there, but there they were. In almost the exact same spot... shocking... not really. I was a little hesitant about asking the price. I've been getting better about working on my shyness, but there's just something about this place that really makes it flare up. So while I was getting my courage higher we went down stairs. Here I found a box with some doll clothes. I usually flip though this to see if there's anything that I want, so I did that. I found the jacket and shorts that belonged to the 80's Todd doll from Mattel. I have two Todd dolls that I found at second hand stores. One came wearing his full outfit, the other came wearing just his shirt. So that's why I was able to recognize these items. So I grabbed them. He's wearing them now. Not too shabby. I also found a crochet doll dress that I thought was cute. It was older, and I wasn't sure how well it would look, but it came with a matching hat, so I grabbed it too. When asking the price the woman told me that it was hand made... which wasn't that hard to tell. Now if she made it, it would have been interesting to know, but I could clearly see that it was handmade. At home I saw that there was a spot where the yarn was broken, so I took a thread and hand attached it, so it wouldn't just go to pieces. The dangers of using yarn. It's a really odd fit for the dolls, so I'm not really sure if I'll ever use it. Live and learn I guess. I also got a doll dress that I didn't know who it would fit. It was a mommy made dress, for a smaller baby doll. It was this cute yellow fabric with these little sheep on it. I didn't know if I had anyone to wear it, I just knew I had to have it, I would regret if I left without that one item. For those items she charged me three dollars plus she threw in a hat that I found in the box too. It was a cute little Barbie cap. Mostly white with a row of orange at the bottom. It also had an orange puff flower on the side. It's pretty cute.
With that I finally asked about the Ken dolls, which the woman thought I was asking about Candles. Not I know sometimes I swallow my words, but I don't think I was that bad. And then she referred to me as a girl... grr... I hate that. I know with my long hair, full lips, and somewhat effeminate manner it's sometimes confusing, but at that moment I had a few days hair growth on my face! And while it's not bushy and black, it's certainly noticeable. When we finally got through the fact that I was asking about the ken dolls she told me she wanted 10 dollars for each of them. I had to think about that. She then said she's be willing to part with them for 18 for the pair. That was a little more reasonable, so I got them. Before that she pointed out the Chrissy doll that she had and told me that it was "Barbie's friend with the long growing hair." Yeah, I know who Chrissy is, she's no friend of Barbie. They're not even in the same scale. But I smiled and nodded. Looking over at the Kens in the car I was in for a shock. One of them was really nice. Decent face paint, good condition, could use a bath. The other Ken however... wow. First off, he had some weird goo at his hip joints. This weird bubblegum colored sticky stuff. My Dad said it was silicone. Now, I'm not sure if it's an added thing, or his legs melting from being old. Now my Dusty doll has some melting issues from the metal in her plastic, but that's different. This was just weird. Also his head is really thin plastic, with shoddy face painting. The paint quality is also poor. It's weird that they're both the same doll, but look so different. I checked their mold marks and the good one is from Hong Kong, the other Taiwan. It's amazing how different the two are. Just for the heck of it Malibu Barbie is from Japan, and my Malibu Skipper is from Japan too.
When I got home I tried boiling the Ken torso with the goo on it, to try and soften the goo. Big mistake! I guess I left it too long, and the lower torso actually shrank! So I just threw it out. And now I have a Malibu Ken, and a Malibu Ken head, arms, and legs. Live and learn, live and learn.


  1. Ok that shop almost sounds like the shop I saw one day while driving my sister somewhere. It was just a tiny house that have a faded hand painted sign that said thrift store on it. And this older think lanky man was standing by the door in grimy clothes smoking. I told my mom that you couldn't pay me to go shop in there. It was just creppy. Congrats on finally getting your Ken. Bummer about the second one, but I am sure you will find a use for the body parts. Gives you a reason to experiment. :-)

  2. I'm hoping that I can do something with him, it would be a shame to just have his parts kicking around. Although I found a spare body online for him for around ten dollars. But that's an eventual purchase. I have other dolls that need help sooner than him.
    Sometimes you get a good deal in those places, but most of the times you just get creeped out!