Sunday, September 5, 2010

9 + 20 + 11 + 15 + 21 + 2 + 2 + 5 + 5 + 2 = 92

I know it's "Set it aside Sunday", and I am working on it, but it's my lunch break, so I'm taking a break from it.
I've been thinking a lot lately about when I move again. It's not going to happen for a while, but I still like thinking about it. I've got my sights set on NYC this time. A city that I run hot and cold on with my love. Although I think there's enough love that I can deal with the hate. And living in Portland did teach me some things about city living, so I'm a bit more prepared this time. When I moved to Portland I had the luxury of my father driving my up with his truck. This allowed me to pack everything I needed or wanted. All of the dolls came up, although I did leave the sewing machine behind. It's technically not mine.
But this time it might be a time where I just flew in myself. I did that before when I made a go of living in LA, another huge failure. That time I just flew in with my life packed in two suitcases. I think if I had to do it again, I could. But this time I would be a whole lot smarter. Last time most of the dolls I took were the Silkstones, (this was before the explosions of Vintage dolls.) That was stupid because it left me with heavy luggage, those Silkstone dolls weight about two pounds each. Really painful lugging them all around!
So I'm thinking about if I was limiting myself to 10 dolls who would I pick? Right now my collection stand at 92 dolls. Here's the list that I came up with deciding who I would take;
1. Charlotte (Obviously!)
2. Joe
3. Molly (Francie)
4. Akikio (Momoko)
5. Ashley
6. Artemis
7. Suite Retreat Silkstone
8. Momoko
9. Brunette Ponytail
10. Vanessa

I like having a variety of dolls, so here a lot of categories are represented. Momoko, Francie, BB body, Vintage, Silkstone, Joe, even though 1,5,6, and 10 are all on the BB body. If I could I would switch out someone for Chatty Cathy, but since I'm trying to use the least amount of space it's foolish to add her since she's so much bigger. If I could only take five, I would take dolls 1-5. Back when I was forced to leave Portland my parents came up a week before for a family related thing. Since they had the car I was able to give them some stuff to bring down to Asheboro for me. I ended up packing up most off the dolls, since I didn't want to wait to the last minute to do that. I packed them all except for those five, replacing Chatty Cathy with Ashley. So they are my go to dolls. Although it was so depressing seeing that bookshelf that used to hold all the dolls just having five on it.
If I could take ten more it would be;
11. Modern Circle Barbie
12. Re-Rooted Midge
13. Vintage Allen
14. Vintage Skipper
15. A Titan Bubblecut
16. Mary Clair
17. Francie
18. Rebbecca
19. A Blond Bubblecut
20. Ricky
But now I'm just getting greedy!


  1. I couldn't imagine picking. But I guess I do have some that I simply MUST take. I don't think it's greed, I think it's wanting to take "family" with you. :-)

  2. They are so my family. Some are children or siblings, and others are third cousins that you don't know but still are part of the family.