Wednesday, September 8, 2010

And I take a plunge, one that I may never return from...

Today I was good, then bad, then really good, then oh so bad.
It was shopping day today, and even though I went on Monday I was compelled to go again.
Good: We stopped in to the Christian Secondhand Store. There I found another Marie doll. She was in nice condition, and actually looked a little less freaky than the one I have. She was in a bin with a bunch of random stuff, including a Dawn doll. It was 8 dollars. I would have gotten it, if it was still on sale with 50 percent off, but I really didn't need another Marie doll. The one I have doesn't get any play time. Adding another one to that mix would be really counter productive. And while the Dawn doll was cute, I don't collect that scale, so getting her would have been useless. So I left that store empty handed. So just to show you, I can leave someplace without getting something. I know my usual m.o. is to get something, but it does happen that I can leave empty handed.
Bad: Hobby Lobby. I know, I struck out there last time grandly, but I went back again. When you're the only game in town, it's amazing what I'll put up with. I headed back to the fabric section. Luckily this time was a ghost town. There was nobody hogging the simplicity patterns section. I was able to look for the patterns I wanted. They were both still there! I was so pleased. I imagined that they would be all gone by the time I came back today. They were last time they were on sale. With those in my hand I looked for fabric, still searching for Black calico. No luck, they're still out of that. It's very annoying. I ended up getting some black broadcloth. It's not what I wanted, but it will work, and I need to have some black fabric. I don't want to run out of that. I can use it for Charlotte's Halloween costume, although I'm still not in love with the idea in the first place. So it could change at any time. While I was looking through the calico section I found this fabric (middle in the picture). Look at it! It's so 70's! I just knew I had to have it. I have no clue what to do with it yet, but I know I will find some use for it. It'll be good to have it around when another 70's doll comes to stay. My 70's fabric stash is very lacking, now I have some adorable fabric to put to use. I may end up making something from it even before another doll shows up. I also broke down and got some of that pink rose fabric. I've been eying it for the longest. It's so cute, but I have such an aversion to pink. Not sure what I'll use it for yet, I've been thinking about a cute little sundress for Charlotte, but not sure yet. That will come in time. I also got some white ribbon since it's on sale, and I'm running out. My total came to just a hair under 10 dollars. I've got to learn to be better at Hobby Lobby.Really good: Walmart. I headed off to the toy section first (shocking I know). They still don't have the horseback riding outfit, or anything on clearance. My Walmart never has anything good on sale. I didn't just stick with the Barbie section. I was looking there for some Moxie Teenz doll shoes. I'm wondering if they will fit Tuesday Taylor. I've seen pictures of the shoes, and they look similar in size, but I have yet to see them in person. I had a cut out of Tuesday Taylor's foot, but it was all in vain. I was also looking to see if they had any cute Moxie Girz clothes, since the smaller clothes fit Momoko. And we all know how Momoko needs more clothes. But Walmart only had one dress there, and it wasn't something I wanted to dress Momoko in. And the only Moxie Teenz shoes they had were in a fashion pack. It looked like they might, might fit. But I wasn't ready to waste my money for the possibility that it might fit. Especially when Moxie teens are bigger than Barbie, I'm not going to buy anything that I might not ever be able to use. So I left there without getting anything. Although I did check out most of their other sections too. I looked at their men's clothing too. I retired a shirt today, and at the rate my clothing is leaving and not getting replaced I'm going to have like 3 outfits to chose from soon. Lame!
Oh so bad: Goodwill. Now I almost got out of Goodwill empty handed. I had picked up a cross stitch book for my Mom, but put it back since she's not working on it right now. I didn't find anything for me. That store is usually a miss, but I still check from time to time. My dad found a few things, so while he was checking out I looked over at the furniture. That's when I found it. It was in a singer Martha Stewart box, but it wasn't that inside. It was an older Kenmore Sewing Machine, for ten bucks! I played with the wheel at the store, it still turned smoothly. So taking the plunge I bought it. I got a sewing machine, one that's actually mine compared to borrowing my parents! When I got home I tried it out to see if it worked. It did. All day I've been playing with it, trying to figure it out. I like it. It's has 24 stitches, but I'm still trying to figure it out. I'm hoping I can figure it all out eventually. You'll hear more about this in the future. How exciting!


  1. 20 bucks for such yummy purchases. I say all good! LOVE your machine. Older machines are so much better and have so much personality. And 10 bucks is a steal! And love the fabric you picked up. You make me want to go purchase some but then I remember the foot locker full of fabric and I stop myself. LOL!

  2. I know, I got a lot of deals for my money. Although I have yet to use any of the fabric I bought. I understand about needing to keep fabric at a low, I need to be better about not getting more, and more, and more!