Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another shopping day at Aubrey's Mind

I wanted to just say that started off strong. Even though I needed stuff I declined to go shopping today. Funds are tight this week, and even though I wanted stuff there was nothing I really needed. Everything on my list would certainly be there next week, so I decided to stay away from temptation and stay home. I though that I was done staying strong when my day set off today. Famous last words. When he came back a only short time later I thought it was weird that it was so quick, but sometimes he gets things done faster than I though possible, maybe I make shopping trips longer than they should be. This was not one of those times, turns out he hadn't gone grocery shopping yet. When I was asked if I wanted to go a third time I couldn't hold out any longer, I'm only human after all. I printed off two copies of the 40 percent coupon and headed out.
At Hobby Lobby I first headed off to the jewelry section. I wanted to try and find some charm for a necklace for Vanessa. You see, I have something that I'm finally working on for her, but I'll share that in time. I also needed to get some seed pearls. I finished off the ones that I had earlier in the week. Pearls are the only beads that I constantly use up. Right now there's ten dolls wearing pearls in the collection. That's not including the number of things I've made that aren't being used. Most of those dolls are vintage type dolls, I'm just a sucker for a gal in pearls. It's my Mom's favorite type of jewelry, so I think that I got it from her. So a bag of that went right into my basket. Then I started looking at charms for Vanessa. Sale items and clearance take priority, I'm a cheapskate. Unless I found something that I loved then I'd use one of my 40 percent off coupons. Luckily everything I found in that section was already on sale. For Vanessa's project I found these Swarovski Crystal charms for 1.79 for two. Now I'm getting fancy and spoiling Vanessa, poor Charlotte gets plastic, Vanessa gets name brand crystal. But Vanessa's been waiting to get dressed for a while, so she should get a special treat. Not sure what to use the other one for, but it will be nice to have handy for whatever thing I find for it. I also found a little pewter crown charm. It's a bit out of scale for Barbie (a tad small), but for 88 cents I couldn't pass it by. It's just too cute! I decided to leave the little attachment loop on the back so I can use it to affix it to a dolls head. Like I said not sure what to use it for, but for something that cute I'll find a use for it. I promise!
After that I went to the fabric section. I was there looking for several projects. I needed to get some red calico, I needed to find a fabric for another project, and I needed to get some trim, and other stuff. I started off with the trim since it's the thing I knew what I wanted right off the bat. Ribbon on the roll was half off, so for my Christmas plans I got some green ribbon. I hope that I don't have to use it all for Christmas and can keep some for my own projects. I also needed some trim, originally I was going to look at the ribbon by the yard (not on sale), but I managed to find a spool that I loved. Since it fell under the on the roll sale, this freed up one of the 40 percent off coupons I had. With my trim needs satisfied it was time for the red calico. You may remember that I bought some red calico a few weeks ago, and while I still haven't used all of that, I needed a different shade of red. The one I had was a maroon and I needed a more true red. They had this color a few weeks ago, but for some odd reason it was 5.99 a yard, compared to the 2.99 a yard other solid colors were, like the Maroon, which is why I bought it way back when. Since I needed it for Charlotte's Halloween costume, I was going to bite the bullet and get at least a half yard. But, happy news! They had restocked! They were in fact in the middle of a restock when I was there! New calico! Bear with me, this is exciting stuff! They had red calico at 2.99! They also had Black! Did you read that? Black! I couldn't in good conscience leave the store without that. Since I was just complaining about them not having any. So you might see some earlier projects being remade, to replace the items I made in black broadcloth, but we'll see. I also picked up a yard of light purple, for another project that I have slated. I have so many projects, I do know that I'm only on person, right?
With those in my hand, I set off looking for another fabric. I have another super secret project in the works. I didn't know what I wanted, but I certainly knew what I didn't want. I knew that I didn't want to make it out of anything that I had, but I couldn't find anything that really went with my vision. I would have loved to find something cotton, since that's all that I'm really confident with sewing, but nothing there really inspired me. I looked at all the other fabrics, and even toyed with the idea of getting some gold lame, but I really wasn't feeling that at all. I could see that it was fraying on the spool, and I knew that in my hands it would be the bane of my existence, so I kept on walking. I did however add it to the mental maybe pile. I thought about calling my mother to ask her opinion when I found it. It was in the remnant section. It was a 1/3 yard of black fake snakeskin. When I saw it I froze. It was perfect for what I wanted to make. The shiny black color was perfect. And since it's plastic I won't have a frayed mess on my hands. I remember seeing it the last time I was there, I was looking for fake fur and it was in the fur section. It was still on the spool then, and it was gone this time, so thank you to whoever bought the rest. My project thanks you too!
By that time my father caught up with me. He dropped me off earlier and went shopping elsewhere. I still hadn't gotten the fabric cut yet. He asked me if the 40 percent off coupon he had was going to go to some more chocolate. I told him both coupons could go to that. I was going to use mine on the trim, but didn't need it since the one I bought was on the spool and on sale. I asked him if he could get the fabric cut out and I would go get the candy. (I was bad, but I just hate, hate, hate talking to the people who cut out the fabrics. It's not them, it's my terrible shyness.) Since he said he could, I just booked it off to the candy section. There I was met with another employee who asked me "Can I help you?" Not expecting to have someone ask me that I dumbly responded, "Nooooo." and yes, I said that many "Os". They still were out of white chocolate, which was a big part of Christmas plans, so I sucked it up and asked the woman who was still there. She told me that they had gotten some bigger bags in the most recent truck, but she hadn't put them out yet. Kindly, she went to get one for me to show me. When she came back she had a 2.5 pound bag. She also explained why they didn't have that much chocolate in stock. Turns out that the trucks get too hot to travel with that stuff during the warmer months. It was pretty interesting to know, although I hope they get cool enough to bring more in before November 6th, because after that I won't need it. Although I hope that I have enough now. Right now we have three pounds of milk chocolate and 2.5 pounds of white.
Checking out was fine, my father went though first using his coupon, then me using mine. It was just a hair under 20 bucks. Honestly I didn't think that I spent that much, but I guess the little things really add up!
No Hobby Lobby next week, I promise. I need to finish these projects before I start adding another one to the mess.


  1. Nice haul. I can't wait to see what the fabric was used for. And I can't help it, but I just think it's cute you are so shy and how you said no to the employee. I'm terribly shy too and like to avoid talking too. I hate that. But while it looks catty on women it looks cute on guys for some reason, at least to me. So don't feel bad. :-)

  2. I'm glad you find it endearing. I find it annoying as all get out. Hopefully it'll get less and less as time goes on, but sometimes it just rears it's ugly head like that.