Saturday, September 18, 2010

Blue Box Day Three

I didn't get as much done as I would have liked, it was more of a day of mental relaxation. I did however get all caught up on some blog items that needed to be finished. Although at this point I'm back to being behind with it. I did get my three dolls done for the day as well. I also got the next three washed and set aside to dry so I can work on them tomorrow. I'm not shirking my duty on those. The sooner I get those done, the sooner I get my floor cleaned again. And I can't wait for that day. I didn't however get much done with sewing. I went most of the day without turning the machine on, in the evening I got around to making a pair of pants for a doll that's to be donated. That's all the sewing I got done. Although I did get them completely done, including a snap, so that's good.
Just becasue I wasn't sewing didn't mean I was just loafing around the house all day. I also took the time to evaluate the maybe pile on the floor. I haven't really looked at it since I originally set it aside. I've been focusing on the donate pile trying to get whittle it down. It's still the biggest pile. I was able to take three dolls from the maybe pile and put them into the donate pile. All the other dolls I'm still on the fence as to deciding to keep them or not. I'm not going to force myself to decide on the dolls that I'm still thinking about, there's no real need to decide at this exact moment.
The keep pile wasn't left alone today either. I also made some decisions with it too. This morning it had six dolls in it. A Kelly doll, 3 Penny Brites, and 2 Rainbow Brite dolls. Today I decided that I'm going to donate the Rainbow Brite dolls. It pains me to have to do that, but they really are unattractive dolls. You should know that I love, love, love Rainbow Brite, it's one of my favorite shows, so I was so happy that they were making new dolls, back in 2005, I think. I bought Rainbow first followed by Canary Yellow, since she was my favorite color kid. But we never bonded. The doll sculpts are not very appealing. They just look freaky. I wanted to keep them around because they were expensive, but I shouldn't keep a doll for that reason. I'm going to keep their clothes and redress them and donate them. If I did buy another Rainbow Brite doll, I'd get a vintage one from the 80's. I used to have one, she was my first favorite doll, before Barbie was even on the scene. I miss her. But I can't recapture that magic with these newer dolls, so they get to try and find another home where they can be loved like they should.
And my work continues onward!

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