Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blue Box Day Two

I started off the day with some sewing. Nothing fun, so don't get too excited. I don't have any whirlwind projects like the Steampunk outfit slated for a while, the blue box takes precedence. I just made some dresses for the dolls that I'm going to donate. I didn't think that I had so many before they got here, so my supply of clothing that I was going to dress them in isn't going to hold out. Also I'm have some parting issues with company made clothing. I don't want to get rid of it, just in case one day I need it, even though I've never used some of it. It's weird I know, but I'm working on it. So if I make the clothes, I can easily make them again if I really wanted to. So I took out some blue broadcloth that I've had forever and churned out three dresses. I used the Vintage Barbie bodice and skirt. I didn't bother adding straps, they don't need it. Today I also went though my fabric pile and pulled out some fabrics that I'll never use for one reason or another to "get rid" of them on this project. Every fabric pile should have some trash fabrics that you can use on any old project. I also made a pair of Ken pants, also destined for a donated doll. I've decided that Ken's are only going to get pants. If Mattel can sell Ken shirtless, I can certainly donate him that way too. Also making shirts is the worst! So time consuming. The pants go together pretty quick, I made it out of some linen that I got a long long time ago. They're older to me than the sewing machine. I got it because they were dark blue, and I needed the color. It was before I knew the term Calico or broadcloth. I really dislike that fabric, so I'm hoping to use it all up on these projects. Wish me luck I'll need it!

So I have something to confess... I did end up going shopping this week. I tried to be good, and declined going on Wednesday. I wasn't feeling the best when asked, plus I was still trying to sort out the big mess that is the blue box. But Thursday rolled around and I was itching to go out and get away from the blue box. It didn't hurt that my dust allergies was flaring up and the clear air would do me wonders. I had seen the Hobby Lobby Specials, and I needed to get some stuff there. I knew if I let that weeks sales lapse, I'd be kicking myself for it. Even though Hobby Lobby was the main reason for going, we went to many other places first. We needed to get a Birthday present for my Grandfather. It's tricky because the man literally has everything. He's the go to man when you need anything. So you want to get him something he'll use, but everything he needs, he either has, or has some igneous system to get around it. So we decided to look at the second hand stored (and one military surplus store) in the hopes of finding that one odd/weird/unique gift that he could use, even if it was just a gag gift. We missed out at all the usual spots, nothing to be found. I... however... did manage to get something... At the Christian outreach center, I did look for that box with the dawn doll and Marie. The box was gone, so I figured my chance was gone. But I did something from the box in one of the bins. Searching the bin resulted in finding Marie. I couldn't find the Dawn doll. I did look, but it's probably for the best that I never found her. She's not really my thing. I took her up to the register, and it turns out toys were half off. I got Marie for a dollar, plus tax. Just FYI, looking at her at home she looks sooooo much better than my original. There's just something about her that looks so much more like Marie Osmond compared to the first one I got. I'll share pics eventually. I did eventually get to Hobby Lobby. I used the 40 percent off coupon to get some baking chocolate. I'm going to need it for the Holidays, you'll hear more about that later. I also got some thread. Hobby Lobby's thread is actually more expensive than Walmart thread, but this week they were half off. I've never seen them on sale like that, so I knew I had to go. I got four spools all together. White and Black (obviously, I go though them the most.) and I also picked up light blue and pink. I'm trying to flesh out my colored thread slowly. I had light blue before, but used it all up, and pink is a color that I've wish I've had for a while. So happy I got them. Eventually I want to phase out those annoying little spools you get 100 for a dollar. They work, but the thread quality is terrible.
Three more dolls down, prepping three more for tomorrow! New Marie is naked, and she's going to be that way for a while, she picked a bad time to join the family!

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