Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Blue Box of Doom, Day One.

Today has been a day where I'm chipping away at the piles and piles of stuff that arrived yesterday. Even though it's nowhere near done, it's good that it's at least starting to get under control.
Progress has been slow because there's not a lot of free space in my room and whenever I move something, it ends up on top of something else. Although I think I've created a decent enough system. It's not pretty, but it certainly gives me a fighting chance to actually tackle this mess. I just hope the Queen holds off on her visit until I get things back into some sort of order.
I started off with separating the doll pile. It was still just in one big pile from last nights clear out of the box in general. It was so daunting as this massive glut of dolls. So I wanted to trim it down to something smaller and more manageable. I also wanted to see how much I wanted to keep from the box, while I got the majority of the dolls I wanted, there were a few that slipped through the cracks. I split the pile up into three smaller categories; dolls I'm keeping, dolls I maybe keep, and dolls I'm going to donate. As of right now there's six dolls I definitely want to keep (three of them are my Vintage Penny Brite doll collection), around twelve or so in the maybe pile, and thirty in the donate pile. I knew that there was a lot in that box, I just wasn't thinking it was that much! Now I know that there's a lot of dolls in the maybe pile, but I know that when I'm going through them I'll weedle them down. When I was sorting, any doll that I had reservations about getting rid of I just put in the maybe pile. I didn't want to second guess myself so early in the process.
With that done I was able to survey the lay of the land. I was looking over my room and harly seeing any flat surface that was free of something. I needed to do some serious room changes in order to get anything done with this pile. You may remember me pulling out some spare dolls to donate a few days ago before this group arrived. Today I got them all set to donate. It was easier since they didn't need to be washed, they just needed their hair brushed and to be dressed. I ended up adding snaps to about three dresses. I was originally going to use velcro, but I didn't have any. I used the dollar store snaps, since they're pretty cheap, so I'm not out much for that. I think I got about six dolls done today, which was all the ones that I had from before this box. I was able to put a box in the hall closet to store them in, allowing me to get them out of the room, and out of my mind when they're done.
I have a clear plastic set of drawers that I use for fabric storage, jersey knit and calico/broadcloth since I use that most of the time. On top I have my old boyscout neckerchief on top of it (I was a boyscout for like a week). It's mainly up there for decoration, and it's nothing I'm really in love with. Usually whatever fabric I'm working with gets dumped on top before I get around to putting it back away where it belongs. So I cleared it off, putting the neckerchief away. I've been using it as a holding place for dolls after I wash them. With it's plastic top and slightly lowered inset lid, it's perfect for dealing with wet dolls. It can hold about three dolls, so that's the magic number that I've been working on. Today I got Victoria Beckham, A holiday Barbie, and Pretty in Plaid Barbie cleaned up, dressed, and put away. It's weird that I still remember these dolls even though it's been years since I looked at them last.
Right now other dolls are on the drawers drying. They're tomorrow's agenda. Each day I get closer to finishing this mess!


  1. I have a ton of dolls I need to donate too. I want to come up with a simple dress pattern and then sew up several and send them on their way. It is crazy how many dolls you can collect before you realize you have enough to open your own toy store. LOL! Good luck with the blue box. You can do it!

  2. It's daunting having all these dolls to donate, but it will feel good to get rid of them. I actually made a few dresses for some of them yesterday. It's a vintage Barbie bodice with a quick gathered skirt. It goes together pretty quick, and I'm using fabric that I bought that I don't really like. Two birds, one stone!

  3. Nice! Yeah I am working on a "go-to" bodice now so I can try whipping out some dresses for the poor gals who will be finding a new home. No guys are going, so I don't need to make them new stuff...yet. :-)

  4. I saw the bodice, I like it. It's so nice and attractive, really appealing. Even though my guy to girl ratio is so high I'm getting rid of a bunch of them. Mostly Kens, I've never been a big fan of Ken, beyond vintage. But pants are easy, much less technical work than dresses.