Friday, September 17, 2010

Finish it up Friday continues, even in spite of the blue box!

It's Friday, so it's time for another "Finish it Up Friday"! And I actually got it done, I guess it's more popular than Set is aside Sunday... odd. I had hoped to use this week to get some of the older items out of the box, but though my clearing out of the blue box I found some items to add to the fix pile. But I did pull take out something from the box that's been there a while (and I did throw something out from it too), so it's a blend of old and new. So let's stop with the salad and get into the meat of this post.

First up here is this gigantic underskirt. This is an item from the blue box. It's huge, I can think of only one dress that I have that needs an underskirt that big, it's still cool to have. It's going to be paired with this big Princess Diana-y wedding dress. I think the dress might be the one Charlotte came with way back in the day. This wasn't a very difficult mend, the back seam had given out, so I just had to do a line of stitching up the back, maybe about an inch in length? Not really too stressful. Could you imagine trying to walk in that thing? Madness. I'd break my neck.

Next on my list is a skirt, another item taken from the blue box. This was actually started out a dress earlier today. Some child (not me) had mangled the top. It was beyond something I could repair, but it was just a tacky sundress, so not a real big loss. I could have just thrown it away, but I liked the geometric design of the pattern. So I did some modification of it. I tore out the back stitching, folded over the top, and sewed it down. Originally I wanted to make a waistband for the new skirt, but I didn't have enough leftover fabric from the top to do it. I could have made one out of non-matching fabric, but I felt that would take away from the general look of the skirt. So it's a simple A-line skirt. With that done I sewed up the back and added a snap. I'm not sure how I like it now that I'm finished, so it might end up on a donated doll. I'm letting it sit, so see where I stand on it. Maybe if I find a cute top it'll stay. Who knows, all that matters is that it's finished.

Now here is a dress, this is one that I made three of yesterday. Technically it's not someone I should finish on Friday, but I make the rules, so here we go. I needed it for the doll, so that's why it got added to the mix of today. This one is different than usual because I used Velcro to close it in the back (Velcro that I had because I took if off a messed up piece of clothing I was tossing.). I don't like using Velcro, it's a pain to sew on. Maybe with experience it'll get easier, but I just prefer using snaps in general for my projects. It's just looks nicer in my opinion. With that sewed on all I had to was reinforce the seams in the bust. This one is definitely going on a donate doll. The one in the picture actually. And I've used two of these dresses that I made yesterday already, so be prepared to see this type of dress again, and again, and again... and again.

Here's something different, something actually from the box that's been there for a while. Progress people, progress. I made this skirt a while back, it was an experiment in piping. Originally I had piping along the hem, thinking that if I used that I could avoid hemming it, and the added weight would keep it down. Boy was that a wrong idea. It looked terrible, and I shouldn't be using piping for something other than it's intended use. Ick. So I just tossed it into the box and walked away. I took it out today and decided to take off the piping hem. My stitches were terrible, and not really doing anything. Instead I used some ribbon as the hem. It's much cuter, but certainly nothing I'd want to dress someone in. I also added a waistband, and a snap, completing it. I'm glad it's out of the box, but I'm certainly not going to go into the collection. Yellow works better as a top compared to a skirt, so I'm not a fan. Maybe I'll find a circle skirt patterns that I like in time, I just know that it's not this one.

And for our final finished project we're back to the blue box. I've had this skirt for a while, not sure where it came from, it's an older cheaply made clone skirt. I really like this skirt for it's bold coloring and pattern, but it had gotten stained, which is why I never brought it down. All this week I've been treating it with stain remover. The stain faded, but I don't think it will ever come out, but I'm fine with that. Some of the stitching had come undone, so today I fixed it. There was also a spot that was worn out. Since I can't patch it, I put a piece of white calico at the back and Elmer's glued it in. Basically I reinforced the area that was worn. It's a tad noticeable, but certainly does the job. I'm not usually a bold pattern/bright color kind of guy, but there's something just about this skirt that screams, love me. And I do, yummy right?

So that's all for this "Finish it up Friday". Even with this I still got my three dolls done for the day. Hopefully I can keep this momentum!

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