Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday is Pink Friday on In the Pink!

I've finally reached this point. I started doing with with the hopes of being more active on the "In the Pink" Barbie forum. I wanted to do a photo shoot per week, going down the days in descending order. Friday is the last one (Weekends are free for anything) and here we are. This one is the most difficult because I tend to really avoid pink in general. It's a little cliche and girly... says the boy who plays with dolls. I do have limits though. It's all about where you draw the line in the sand. Right now only eight dolls in the collection are wearing anything with pink in it. Those are some pretty low numbers.
Anyway here's Rebbecca in an Integrity Toys play line Pink Dress (which I love!), sometimes Pink does do it for me. I made the fur shawl, and her necklace. Her gloves are from the Bubblecut reproduction. (Sorry about the wrinkles, Barbie needs to invest in an steam iron.)

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