Monday, September 6, 2010

Guten Tag Barbie! How could you forget your older sister?

It's time for another introduction post here on Aubrey's mind. At the rate I'm going I'll be done with this batch... never. Although with this addition I've done the entire bottom row, excluding Charlotte. So baby steps, baby steps. And in my defense I've done a few from the top row, so we're getting somewhere.
This post is about my Bild Lilli doll, who I recently found out is a clone doll made from using her molds. That doesn't make me lover her any less. I got her many years ago from E-bay. She may have been my first E-bay purchase, although I kind of think that was some Rainbow Brite dolls. (Love, love, love Rainbow Brite!) I don't remember. I can't remember what I paid for her. If I had to hazard a guess I'd say probably somewhere under fifteen dollars, I can't think I went over that price. Honestly, it's more than a little fuzzy.
I was first alerted to Bild Lilli from an article about her in the now defunct Barbie Bazaar. I miss that magazine, it was so pretty. I used to get odd issues from time to time at a bookstore, then for Christmas one year I got a subscription, but I'm really getting off track here. Anyway, I got her off E-bay... She's another doll that arrived dressed. She came in a red felt like skirt that had alternating rows of trim on it. One's this black ribbon with flowers, the other a thin gold ribbon. It's very dashing. She also came in a top, from what I gather was a swimsuit at one time. I say "at one time" because it's certainly not that anymore. I think the only remaining stitches in it were the ones at the shoulders. It no longer had any seams or anything like that. While she did come dressed, she also arrived bald. It's not that uncommon to have a bald doll. Lilli wasn't rooted like Barbie was. Her hair was more like placed on her head and held with glue. It looked pretty, but certainly didn't hold up to any type of real play. Lilli wasn't designed for children.
And so that's how Lilli stayed. I'm sure I tried to change her clothes, but she always ended up back into the outfit that she came in, even the terrible top thingy. She did manage to earn a few more battle scars at my house. She got her foot chewed (Thanks Angel!) and a chip out of her neck. She also had the elastic holding her arms come loose. I've since replaced that. She was one of the items that made the eventual move down to NC, although some other dolls ended up coming first. Down here she made it on the Vintage shelf, in the same attire that she came to me in. From time to time other dolls would borrow her skirt, but it always ended up coming back to her, it was hers, and nobody could claim it. I even have a few shots of Charlotte wearing it. It wasn't until I started making the Barbie turtlenecks that she got anything new. I started by making a few in white, when I had that under my belt I branched out into black. It was then, that I though a black turtleneck would look really nice on Bild Lilli. Which meant I had to make another one. Ugh! I hated making those turtlenecks, but it looks really good on her. I also paired it with a belt of black ribbon with a gold buckle. That's good because the skirt isn't the tightest fit, and the belt helps keep it in check.
She's been a doll that hasn't found her true spot on the Vintage shelf. Most of the dolls up there are balanced. The shelf was a mirror image of itself. Barbie:Barbie, Midge:Midge, etc, etc. Bild Lilli is pretty unique. I used to balance her with my Fashion Queen since they were both bald, but Fashion Queen gave up her body to P.J. and is resting in the closet. Right now she's over on the Vintage Runoff shelf. In the center, flanked by two Kens. I think she likes it there, surrounded by men. I mean, who wouldn't? Right now she has a wig on to cover up her baldness. Although it's the scalp of a cheap Barbie clone. It's not the best, but it certainly works in a pinch. I need to invest in a wig for her, but that's something on the back burner. Bild Lilli is a patient doll, she knows I'll get around to her, and I will. She's certainly an interesting addition to my collection.

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