Monday, September 27, 2010

Halloween takes a different path here at Aubrey's Mind.

I didn't get a lot done today in terms of projects that I should be working on, but that's nothing new or anything. If that information surprised you, then this is your first day reading this blog. While I do put the time into them, each day it's a little more of a struggle to make myself do it. Some days I can't even force myself into doing it. Today was one of those days. Instead I worked on some doll designs. I have a bunch of dolls that need to be dressed, or in some cases, dressed for the first time. It's a total brain drain to work with each one individually, so I got some note cards. On each one I wrote the name of a doll that I needed to make an outfit for. And then I just draw and sketch to my hearts content on each card. And since there's a variety of cards when I get stuck with one doll I'm able to flip on to someone else.
Using that method I made a new discovery, I wanted to do something else for Charlotte's Halloween costume. I knew I wasn't happy with what I had planned even up to the point when I was actually sewing it (and I actually did get a lot of it sewn.) I was so unhappy with it, that I even made a note card for it, labeled "Charlotte Halloween". While sketching I made something that I really liked. It was something much more exciting than the last one. The new costume is still a secret, but since I'm not doing the old one anymore I can tell you what it was. Charlotte was going to be a Playboy Bunny for Halloween. I decided on that because it was a testament to that new bodice that I've been using a lot. Last year's costume used the older bodice, this year it used the newer one, sort of a "look what I can do" kind of thing. But I never was really in love with it. It was more of a "I can do this" mentality than a "I want to do this." Also the overt sexuality was something I've was never really comfortable with. I did get to a point where I did the machine sewing for the cuffs, and did the entire bathing suit, but stopped before I added the final snap. Since then I've been more than willing to ignore it. That's a telling sign where not only do I not want to do something, I don't even feel guilty enough to finish it. Especially when it's for Charlotte, whom I do anything for.
With this new costume I'm super excited about. Although in a typical fashion I need to get materials for it. I need to get some red calico and some trim for it. Calling Hobby Lobby! I'm going to be secretive about this new outfit, but you will certainly see it when it's finished. Today I've worked on a mock up of it, trying to see how it will look at the end. I even sewed something in it of a similar color to see how it looks. I hope it comes out as cute as the mock up is looking! Fingers crossed people!

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