Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Horror!

Today I took Charlotte down to work with some fittings with the BB body, like Midge is to vintage, Charlotte is to the BB body. I was hesistent to use her since her winter Victorian hat was tied so nicely under her chin. Thankfully I decided to use her anyway. So I took off the hat.... and discovered the most upsetting thing....

It stained her! On her face! That stupid black ribbon stained her! She has a line under her chin that basically mimics her jawline from that dumb ribbon. Luckily it's very faint, fainter still after a wash with rubbing alcohol. If it left a darker stain I would have been livid, LIVID. I'm just hoping that this is going to keep fading away. Hopefully soon I won't even be able to notice it. Even now it's not too noticeable, it just sucks that it happens. The hat's been sent away, to only be used for photo shoots. I can't trust it anymore.

Stupid hat.


  1. You should try some zit cream and prop her in the window to see if it will make it fade. I'd say cover her face paint so the sun won't fade it and just have her chin visible. So sorry this happened, I know how shocking and upsetting that can be. *hugs*

  2. I think I'm just going to wait with it. It's very faint, and knowing my luck I'd screw up and make it worse!

  3. I understand. The first time I was worried about it, but I had no choice. I'd left a beautiful Steffie faced doll in a tub of water with some pink tulle. I mean to give it some time to soak and didn't realize as a newbie that the color would bleed. So I had to do it and it worked like a charm. I've done it many times since then and never hard a problem. I think it's very hard to mess it up. With it being faint she'd only need about a day or two with it. But in time it may fade completely. If anything it adds character and she has a story to tell. ;-)

  4. Charlotte has so much to tell, that's why I can never get rid of her. She knows too much! I tried doing the sun bleaching before, but I didn't see much results, but I wasn't using any acne cream.