Friday, September 3, 2010

Introducing Another Theme Day!

If you're like me, when you sew you amass a pile of not quite finished things. Items that you've sewn, that are too nice to throw out, but certainly not what you were going for at that time. So you may finish the machine sewing, but you don't finish all the hand sewing, like adding snaps and tweaking the fit. Since I got tired of looking at this pile, I've decided that from now on, Friday will be known as...

You have no idea how long I had to fight with my computer to make that image. Anyway, on Fridays I will take a break from new projects, and pick out five items from the box, and finish them.

So today's is over, let's get into it.
Now, I didn't make this skirt, I wish I did however, it's lovely. I got it in a lot of Mommy made stuff. And I love using it. Two Christmas' ago it was part of Charlotte's holiday outfit. The problem is, part of the waistband was separating from the skirt. It happens with older outfits. So I added it to the pile and let it anguish until I finally got around to it. Finally that day came. So I fixed it. When that was done I realized it was dreadfully filthy, so I also washed it, and set it outside to dry. It came out lovely. I'm glad that I was finally able to get this back into circulation.

I made this skirt. This was an attempt at a simple a-line skirt that Mattel's done over and over again. I love the look, but never have enough of them, so I was trying to replicate it. I was also trying to dress Teen Skipper. I have an idea in my head that just didn't translate into real life application. Looking at it, I just wasn't satisfied with it, so I gave up. Today I just added a snap and it was done. Not in love with it, but it's good to have kicking around, and it gave me some practice with rounded hems. Next time I hope the stitching will come out smoother. There's some puckering going on with it.

Changing gears here's a pair of pants for G.I. Joe. I made these a while back when I was toying with the idea of making him a matching Steampunk outfit for him. I only got as far as the pants for him. They are some simple black pants, but I did a line of black ribbon down the sides, similar to tuxedo pants. I would have finished them earlier, but it was such a hassle to take Joe off the shelf, and undress him for fittings. I finally did it, so he got some new pants. They also should fit the more modern kens too. Here's two pictures to show both the front and the sides. See his hands, now you know why Ken shirts don't fit over those bad boys!

Back to the usual, I made this yesterday, so I shouldn't really count it in, but I am, so there! It's a dress using the steampunk blouse top pattern with an attached skirt. I had visions of "Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee" in my mind, but my reality is "Look at me, I'm five." It's a little more juvenile than I usually like. But I still finished it, although I'm not sure what to do with it. I could hold onto it when I do get rid of my spare dolls I can dress them. I was originally going to add a collar, but I think it would have made it look younger, so I just did a line stitch around it. It's good that I finished it, but it's nothing I can really see myself using in the collection. Glad I at least tried.

And here's the last thing for today, and I actually really like this one. It's from the failed Set it Aside Sunday. I had a very couture idea in my head, but couldn't get it to translate well in reality. I made this piece before I switched gears to try something else. That was the outfit that I didn't like and eventually scrapped the whole day. This cape just got the short end of the stick, since I like it, but I just couldn't think of what to do with it. The furry fabric came from that children's design kit that I got a while back. Terrible stuff to work with, but it does look cute. I'm happy that I had enough to make this, but nothing left over. I'm hoping to get some fake fur eventually so I can keep using it. When I originally made it, there was some issue with the ribbons, so today I had to do some seam ripping and resewing. But that was pretty simple, and it came together pretty easy. Like I said, I have no idea where I'll use it, but I certainly like having it finished.

That wraps up our first "Finish it up Friday", and it was very successful. I'm looking forward to next weeks, I hope it goes together just as well.


  1. I like this idea. I actually started a box of items I never finished in hopes of finishing them one day. I will have to make a day of it one day and finish them. Maybe a Saturday this month I'll do it. Cool idea.

    Oh and I was on Etsy today and found this item that made me think of you. It's dotted fabric. I don't know if it's the white and green dotted fabric you wanted. It's white and dotted but not sure on the color of the dots. If anything there is a green and white dotted fabric. I know the opposite of what you wanted but it could work. :-) Seems to have some interesting fabric in the set.

  2. The box is a great start, actually working away at it was my sticking point. Now that I have a day to do it, I hope to get it chipped away at. Although I got all the easy ones this time, Now it's going to be more complicated.
    And that is some seriously cute fabric. Why can't my Hobby Lobby get cute stuff like that?

  3. My box is slowly filling up with old knit projects I've yet to finish. Good thing I bought new snaps. LOL! And yeah I feel the same way about the fabric. My local stores are lacking also. I have been finding some cute fat quarters but nothing too impressive. The hunt continues.

  4. Yes, snaps are crucial to life. I know when I'm out of them my creative drive is zero. Although with my lack of interesting fabrics my drive it pretty low as it is. We need another fabric store here, or Hobby Lobby needs to restock new fabrics.