Monday, September 13, 2010

Just some updates for today

I've been super tired today. Yesterday was full of terrible excitement, so it really shot my sleep pattern to heck. Although, I did manage to drag myself over to the sewing machine and force myself to turn it on. I did a few things, and managed to not sew my finger. Although with my Sunday I wouldn't have been surprised if I did. Now, I didn't manage to finish anything today, but I did make some sizable contributions to some projects. Projects that might actually have something come out of it.
I started off today working with Skipper. She needs to be dressed, and since she's such not Barbie, I have to make it. She's been wearing that skirt that I finished on Friday. I just never got around to changing her, so it's time to get off my keister and get into gear. I've already decided on what I'm going to make for her. It's basically the same outfit I had in mind for Set is Aside Sunday, but now I'm changing the colors. Originally she was going to wear a white shirt, with a red pleated skirt, and red knee socks. Tricky thing is, I didn't have any matching red fabrics. I've since decided it's going to have a blue pleated skirt, and added a red bow at the collar to tie the red socks in. I already have the red socks done, I was able to use that from the original plan. Today I did the start of the pleated skirt. I'm letting it dry overnight before I add the waistband and take out the stitches I use to hold the pleats when it's drying. I also made the shell for the shirt. I added a collar on it, but couldn't get it to fit, so I had to tear it out. I did that again before I gave up for the night. I'm going to have to do something differently for that. I also made the bow for the neck. Hopefully soon I'll get more of it done, and finished. Skipper needs herself some clothes!

I also worked on Charlotte's Halloween costume. I'm not going to tell you what it is yet, but today I got the main part of it done today. It seems that each year I make her a costume that celebrates what I've learned with sewing. Last year it was the Vintage bodice pattern, this year it's the corset pattern. I did have some issues with the fit today, I kept having to take it in at the back. Very annoying. I might change Charlotte's costume. I'm still not totally happy with what I'm making yet, any suggestions anybody? All that's left is adding snaps, and some minor petty details. I'm glad that I got this started, and stopped stalling.

Here's something I wanted to share. I think I've figured out why we've had such an influx of naked doll. It's because I'm more confident thinking about what I can sew for them, compared to just looking though the bag of what I have to see what I can get "make do" until later. I leave them naked becasue I know I'll get to them eventually, and why put something on them that I don't like? So they remain naked until I get to them. Right now in the collection of 92 dolls, 49 of them are wearing something I made for them. I never though I would ever get to the point where I would be making stuff for them, especially the times where I've dressed them competently. I really am getting better in my sewing, I dare say so myself.
No photos today, and no blogging tomorrow. I'm taking a break from sewing, and working on my writing. I'm thinking that Tuesday is the day that I work on my book. I'm so close to finishing the first draft, and I'm having a terrible time with it. I just don't think my writing it at the level it was before. And I just want to finish it. I want to give the character's their ending, I owe it to them. So on Tuesday I will leave the sewing machine alone, and write, write, write. That way I have it planned, and don't feel guilty about not getting anything done on it.


  1. Ugh, writing! I've all but abandoned my novel, even though I'm not ready to yet. I want to jump back into it, but I'm not ready yet. Still don't know where my characters are going yet. And I want to be done with it before Nanowrimo so I can work on something else. I doubt that will happen, but maybe that's a good thing. Focus on some other characters for a month and them jump back in. I need to start writing every day again.

  2. I've never heard of Nanowrimo, I had to look it up. Wow, I don't think I could do something like that. It took me about 6 months of writing to get about 60 or so pages of writing. It's very emotionally draining. I think writing a book in a month would kill me!

  3. Ugh! Writing is so draining, I totally understand. And in the beginning Nano was rough on me, but now it's like a high for me. It gets everything pumping and I just love the whole event. I am working on my outline right now to prepare for it. I have decided to completely rewrite the novel I wrote for Nano in 2008. LOL! It's something I am passionate about but I am not telling the right story, so I am listening to my characters better now and I am rewriting it. *whimpers* Wish me luck. LOL!

  4. Yes, I do wish you luck! The book I'm writing is the longest thing I've ever done, and I understand about not telling the right story. I have a word document called "failed passages" full of paragraphs and sentences that worked at the time, but not anymore. It's the ones that are too good to just delete, but not working in the story. Although I did get a lot done with my book the first month, it's been since then that my progress has slowed.