Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More busy work gets added to the pile. Will I ever see sunlight again?

So, today I worked on my writing like I said yesterday. I ended up getting about a page done. I'm proud that I got that much done since it's been such a chore to write lately. Most of the time all I do I open the document, then close it again without getting anything done. I'm thinking that Tuesday is going to be the day that I write each week. That way I have it planned and I will actually write. Also this way I'm not beating myself up over not getting anything done on it week after week.
Also today my father came back from CT. He was alone since my mother is staying a few days more with her mother. With my father came a load of stuff from the old house, including the blue box of misc stuff I asked for. He also found a few more boxes that he thought I might like and added them to it. So I have my work cut out for me. I honestly forgot how much junk was in there. Once I had it up in my room I started splitting the box up into workable piles. Dolls, doll parts, clothes, and accessories. I think there were at least 40 dolls altogether in the box. Ick, I know! Looking through them I think that I want to keep about ten of them, but that's a rough estimate. I wish I could part with all of them, but then I found my Penny Brite collection, and I just can't get rid of those. There's some other dolls that I think I should hold on to.
But I can decide who stays and who goes later. Right now I have to go though them all and clean them. Most of them have been sitting in storage for three years, and who knows how clean they were before then. All of them also need some sort of hair treatment, and to be dressed before they get donated. I think I'll work on a doll a day in the evening, and at least get them cleaned and get their hair somewhat manageable. There's so many of them, that it might be a long term project.
I also got the clothes that were in the box washed. I did it all in a tub by hand. You had no idea what color the water ended up being. I wish I could say that part of it was dye, but I don't think it was. They're all set out drying on the table downstairs. Tomorrow when they're dry I'm going to go though and evaluate what I have, what's needs to be washed again, what needs to be repaired, what needs to be thrown out, and what I can use to dress the dolls I'm going to donate. Hopefully I'll actually find some clothes that I want to keep. I saw a lot of lemons in that pile.
Today I got one doll cleaned, and three more worked on. I'm working on it!

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