Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Kingdom for Skipper Sewing Patterns!

When I got Skipper home she got a bath. She was pretty dirty. I ended up having to use Borax to scrub her legs clean, the dirt just clung to her. After that I washed her face with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip. You have no idea how dirty the q-tip ended up. Ick, I tells ya!
After that I focused on her hair. I was thinking about giving her a partial re-root today. I've never done it before, but I've seen it done with good results. I had brown hair, so I started it... but her hair was just too scalped. Most of the cut hair is at the part line. And any partial re-rooting I was doing was actually just tearing that fragile piece of plastic, so I stopped. It's a shame because her remaining hair is so nice, but there's nothing I can do. What I'm thinking is that I'll re-root her, but as a Redhead. It's weird, I have five Skipper heads, and out of those I have only one is a blond. The rest are all brunettes, and the only blond is Malibu Skipper, and she only came as a blond. I ended up re-rooting a Skipper as a blond, so now I have a blond SL Skipper, but I guess I have to do that with a redhead too. That's the only way I'm going to get any hair color variety.
Since I have no means to buy any hair, nor any desire to do any re-rooting I stole her body. It's evil I know, but I needed it. Way back I had a Skipper head without a body, I got her in a lot of stuff, and had her for like forever. I finally got around to re-rooting it, but she didn't have a body. I sent out a request on "In the Pink" and found someone to sell me a body. But the person who sent it to me also sent me a Skipper head! I didn't want a head because I would feel bad about stealing it from whoever it belonged to! It's a weird mindset I know. That doll's hair was pretty messed up too, so I ended up re-rooting it, but without a body I just ended up putting it away. So I had a doll head with lovely hair that needed a body. So I took the body from the new doll and gave it to her. She might as well use it, since the other doll needs to be re-rooted.
But that leaves me with another nude Skipper doll. And I'm sure you're expecting this, but I'm hard pressed finding doll clothes that fit Skippers. (Okay, let's just say this now, I have a hard time dressing anyone that isn't on a BB body.) Phew! Now that's out in the open. The worst part is that I cannot for the life of me find any sewing patterns for Skipper, and I've tried all my online searches. I cannot find any place that had free skipper patterns online.
Sigh, pity me. Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiity.


  1. Are you talking "vintage" vintage Skipper? Like the first ones to come out? If so, they fit Blythe clothing. You have a Blythe pattern. :-) Try it out. And you can search for more Blythe patterns online. Try Puchi Collective for starters. And there are plenty more out there.

  2. Yes, "vintage" vintage Skipper. They do fit Blythe? That will get me motivated to make that pattern. It's been just sitting here on my computer.
    I've used Puchi collective before, that's where I got the t-shirt that I've modified up the wazoo. But now I have a reason to look at their other patterns.