Thursday, September 2, 2010

A new day, a new dress!

I started off earlier by lagging. It just felt like I was swimming in molasses. Could not get motivated for the life of me. I've been having a bit of a slump. I know that when I have a project that excites me I just throw myself into it. Right now I don't have that many "wonderful" projects slated.

So today I once again banished Vanessa and worked on another project. I did however try to work with her, my entire morning was spent with research for her. Realizing I was getting nowhere fast I gave up the ghost and switched gears.
This project uses the same fabric that was utilized for Cindy Sad Eyes' sun dress. This however is the reason why I purchased it. Cindy just got the runoff benefits from that purchase by getting a new dress from it. I still have about two full yards from it, so I could make any number of dolls clothing from it, I got all that for 50 cents. I couldn't pass that price up even if I hated it, I could have found a use for it as it spare fabric. Although there's no need to waste it, it's certainly a cute print and pretty easy to work with. It has a very "Suburban Shopper" look to it, which is what drew me to it in the first place. And since Suburban Shopper is a simple sundress I certainly knew that I could replicate it. I set the fabric aside when I made the dress for Cindy, but I picked it back up today. At the store, I was originally afraid that the stripes were a little large for the 12" dolls, but seeing it next to an actual doll, they looked fine. Not sure why I didn't think to do that when in the store, they usually have a bin with a few very recent dolls. I could have solved that question right there, but that's a mute point. With my worries quashed I set to work. It actually came out really easily, although there's some issue with the back. But this time the issue is that there's too much fabric, compared to not enough. At least I'm mixing it up and keeping myself on my toes. The straps are a little off kilter in the front, so I may end up redoing them, or I might just redo the dress altogether. It's really that simple to make.
I used Midge for my model, since she's usually my go to girl for making stuff for the vintage crew. Here you can see her hair with bangs, that's a new development. Please forgive her hair. I'm working on my sewing, but my hairdressing skills are still very basic. You'll see in time that I really favor about 5 hairstyles, and most everyone gets a variation on it. You won't find a lot of fancy updos here. You will see however a lot of ponytails, headbands, braids, pigtails, or just straight hair. Not sure who will end up with this cute little number, since the vintage crew is pretty much all dressed right now. I will stick it away for another day, since it's a cute dress that fits the Vintage body, and we all know that someone's eventually going to show up who will need it. You just KNOW it. So it's good to plan somewhat in advance. I'm still thinking about how to accessorize it though. Decisions, decisions!


  1. Very pretty dress. It looks so classic. I think you are right, someone is coming along soon to wear that dress. The only question is, who? So exciting. :-)

  2. I'm glad you like it. I have no idea who's going to end up with it, Midge is still wearing it. I haven't changed her back to what she was wearing before!