Sunday, September 12, 2010

No Set is Aside Sunday today

I'm taking a break from Set it Aside Sunday. I'm beginning to think that it'll be an every other week kind of thing. All today I've been doing lots of things to avoid sewing, plus I can't decide who to work with today. I have a few dolls that SHOULD be slated, but none that I WANT to do. I'll put some thought into this during the week, and get back to you all.
I've been doing stuff around the house today. My parents are in CT, for my Uncle's funeral. So I'm taking over their hously duties. Basically it means take care of the animals, and make sure the place doesn't burn down. So far so good. So far, I've done some organizing in the kitchen, laundry, and actually did some cleaning in my own room. I'm trying to keep the house in just as good of a condition as when they left.
I've also been doing some doll related organizations. This doesn't really relate to anybody you've met before. If you're a collector (or player) of Barbie, I'm sure you've amassed a pile of dolls. Dolls that you don't like or want. Ones that came with clothes you wanted, in bagged lots with others, were well intended presents, or just given to you. Dolls that you have no real attachment to, but keep anyway. Since I restarted my collection only a year or so ago I've been able to keep this at a low. But today I pulled out the shoe box of misc dolls and looked though them. I took out eight. Those eight are going to get their hair brushed, styled (ponytails), dressed, then donated. There's no need for me to be holding on to these dolls that I don't really want, and can't ever imagine using. This way I'll be able to pass them on to someone who wants them, and help a charitable organization as I do it.
I've decided that I'm going to dress the dolls. I always feel bad when I see a lot of nude dolls at a store. So I'm going to dress them before I give them away. Now before you start calling me noble, or declaring I should win some award, I'm just dressing them in clothing I've made that I don't like. There might be some issues with it, but at least they won't be nude. They don't get shoes though. I draw the line at that, I can't afford to give away any shoes. I'm not that much of a saint.
Now there is a bit of an underlying reason as to why I'm doing this. When my father comes back he's going to be bringing a load of stuff back from the CT house. I bit the bullet and asked him to bring back my blue box of misc dolls. This box is sort of a doll grave yard. It's a place where I was able to store my dolls, especially ones that I never liked but had. It's a big, dirty, icky box full of the dolly glut of childhood. In my travels too and from CT I've picked out the ones that I actually used or cared about, leaving the rest. Now I'm going to take the entire box. My goal is to dig though it, pulling out the dolls that can be saved, fixing them up and donating them. I will also throw out the broken ones. My ideal goal is to be able to completely clear out the entire box.
I guess this means I'm growing up!

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