Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Okay, deep breaths, deep breaths...

I'm feeling better today. Yesterday I just had another huge pile added on top of the already huge pile that I was already dealing with. It's just really hard to try and find places for all the things, when everything's so out of sorts. I have about 100 projects that I'm working on, and I keep starting one things, then switching to something else, and nothing was getting done. And that was bothersome, and really wears away at my resolve. So I had to make some changes. Right now blogging has taken a back seat, and all theme days are on hold. That's just too much work for me right now, especially when I'm running all over the house putting stuff away, or doing my fourth load of laundry that day. Last night I took a break and just organized the bookshelf, putting everyone away, and dressing those that needed it. (Charlotte's been naked for like, forever.) Getting that in order helped. So I may be a bit spotty in my reporting, but I will come back, I just need to have some slack with this.
I have some new things to report, so the blog's going to take a change in it. The dolls are taking the back seat for a while. I have some vintage stuff to share with you all, so if you dislike that feel free to tune out, if that's your cup of tea, welcome, have a cup.
Yesterday my Father and I unloaded the back of the truck, filled with more stuff from storage in CT. He handed me this round canister. It was dark in the garage, so I really couldn't see what it was. Taking it into the light I could read that it was a tin full of biscuit cutters. It turns out that it was my Grandmothers. She had it before she married my Grandfather. I don't have much memory of my Grandmother, she passed away when I was almost 3. But there was some odd feeling I had when I was holding it. It was nothing really special, just a kitchen tool, but it was something she used casually, there was just a feeling about how normal it all was. I don't really know how to explain it. I asked my father where he wanted to put it, and said that it probably shouldn't go into the kitchen. Eventually it was decided that I was going to hold onto it. I put it on my bookshelf, the built in, not the doll one. There's just something so... familiar about it.


  1. Ok that is so cool. I feel in the future you will be using that tons and maybe even pass it on some day. Glad that things are settling a bit. I know have tons of stuff to go through is overwhelming. Just remember one day at a time and if you aren't 100% attached toss it. :-)

  2. Yes, it's tough now, but things will calm down, and it's better to get through it now compared to having linger. This is a long time coming. It's not until you dig though all the mess that you find little treasures like the biscuit cutters.