Friday, September 10, 2010

Our second Finish is Up Friday

I wanted to take my mind off things today with our second "Finish it up Friday". Although I must admit a lot of the things I finished today were things that I added to the box earlier in the week. While it's not chipping away at the things that have been in the box for weeks, it certainly keeps what's added to the box at a lull. Hopefully I will get around to the rest in due time.
So enough chit chat, let's get into it.

I'll let everyone in on a secret. Last Set it Aside Sunday's original doll pick was Skipper. It wasn't until I made her a few things that I decided I just wasn't feeling it, and moved on. So all the items I made that day ended up in the Finish it up Friday box. So it was on the top of the pile and easiest to grab. First up was this skirt. It's a fake pleated skirt. Only the front three panels are pleated. I originally made it completely pleated, but it ended up being too short to get around her waist. So I had to take most of them out. When I did that I just wasn't happy with how it looked, so that's why it went into the box and I switched dolls. Today I took it out, reinforced the seams and added a snap. Not loving it still, but the skippers need all the clothing options they can get. Not sure if it can fit Momoko, but I will certainly try it on them. Updates to follow.

Before giving up on the skirt, I also made some socks for Skipper. In my mind I wanted wanted them to match the skirt. Unfortunately the skirt fabric is a maroon color, and the red jersey knit I have is fire engine red, but I still gave it a go. I drafted the pattern for Skipper, these are the first thing made from them. Looking at them with the skirt, they were just too bold of a color, so I just threw them into the box. This was obviously before I gave up altogether. Today I reinforced the seams at the back and at the toe, and ripped out the stabilizer I use to sew them. I'm kind of liking these, so you might see a Skipper in these sometime soon. Also, the socks do fit Barbie, but I don't think she'll ever wear them. They're probably remain Skipper sized doll exclusive.

When I discarded those, I tried the socks in another color. This is more of a rust colored fabric. It's actually a cut away from one of my t-shirts that I took in. So Skipper and I can match sometimes! This had the opposite deal with the other pair. Those were too bright for the skirt color, these were too dark, so into the box they went. I fixed them the same as with the other pair. Other than that not a whole lot to say about these.

Here's a pair of Ken shorts that were in the box for a while. They date all the way back to the first Set it aside Sunday. So, I am working with things that have been there for a while, it's progress. These are made from the actual Ken short patterns. I found out I had one, so I made a go of it, using the actual directions. Never doing that again. They close in the front. And if you know anything about my closures, they always look terrible. There's some odd bunching going on at the front. Also the snap had to be really far over in order to get it to fit. I just had to reinforce the seams and add a snap. I finished it, although I don't think anyone will ever wear them. I have a better way to make shorts, and this ain't it.

This is another pair of Ken shorts. On Set is Aside Sunday I made three pairs of shorts. The one described above is pair one, this is pair two. I went back to the pattern I normally do, but was trying to make a cuff on the pants. But when I did it I didn't do it right, so the cuffs didn't stick and looked terrible. So I ended up making another pair, setting these aside. Today I took them again and tore out a lot of the stitching. Instead of a cuff, I just hemmed them. With that done I re-sewed the inseam. I also reinforced the seams, and added a snap. These are better than the other ones, but I don't really need that many pairs of black shorts. But these will go into the Ken clothes bag. You never know if I'll find a use for them.

The final thing for today is another pair of socks, but these are designed for Barbie. They're also really long. I designed them to replicate the look of tights. I don't know how to make tights, so these would give the illusion of tights. Same as earlier, reinforce the seams, and rip out stabilizer. Not sure if they will work for what I planned them for, but they might find a use somewhere. At this rate, I'm going to need a bag just to store all the socks I have. Never thought that day would come!

And that's out second "Finish is up Friday" here's hoping that next week I have more successes and less new additions to the box, so I can keep chipping away at what's been in there a while!

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