Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sewing Cabinet Catalog, part one

I did show off my lovely sewing cabinet yesterday, but the best part is what is holds. Inside is a compleate treasure trove full of sewing stuff from yesteryear. Before I go and start putting my modern day sewing things in it, I want to go though it all and catalog each find. There's a lot of stuff inside, and a lot of it I have no idea what it even is (like I constantly say I'm a beginner sewer.) So, let's start showing off my new toy!.
Here is the photo from yesterday. It's a wooden piece with three drawers. The top two are the same size, and the bottom one is bigger, about the size of the top two combined. It has glass handles, with the bottom right one no longer attached. The white spot on top is part of the sale sticker that they put on at the estate sale. My father peeled it off as completely as he could, but it still left that spot. Eventually I will remove it, and work in the scratches in it. Nothing too invasive, but certainly something to restore it.
You'll notice the breaks on the top of the cabinet, one on each side. Those are in fact hinges. Both sides of it fold upward, and each side in in fact a long storage space. My Dad says that it's for fabric storage, I'll believe that until I hear otherwise. One of the hinges on the left side is broken, so you have to be careful when you open it. Eventually I'll get that fixed, but it's certainly not an issue right now. I'm thinking about moving my Jersey knit fabric into it, but I'm not sure, I may just leave it empty for a while and see what happens. I'm a little hesitant about moving my tacky 21st century sewing gear into this lovely piece of furniture. Here's photos of both side panels lifted up, showing you how it looks when open, and how deep they are. I didn't even realize how scratched up they were until I took the picture. That's some actual use damage there. This wasn't a decorative item, you used this, and you used it good.
You can see that there's something in the right one. The left one was empty. There was a backscratcher, a his and her DSW shoehorn, and a piece of paper that had been used as a safety pin storage, with one safety pin. The shoe horn was the newest thing I've seen in here, and by several decades. The pre-printed writing on the paper was so old it didn't even include an area code, although I do know that that is a fairly modern necessity. I added a photo of it at the bottom, don't know if they're still around, but I wouldn't recommend calling them. My brother took the backscratcher (I offered) and my Dad took the shoehorn (I made him) and I threw out the piece of paper, but I did reclaim the safety pin. I also took a picture of all that just to document for posterity. Here is is. That's all that was in the front section. Stay tuned for the first drawer. I promise it's going to be a doozy, although, it's not as bad as the second or third drawer. I may have to split the following posts into sections since there's so many photos and details to share. And please, please, if you see something that I don't identify, or have identified wrong, please tell me. With a lot of this things I literally have no clue what they're for.


  1. That is crazy cool. I am just trying to imagine the woman or women who used it before. Humm, or perhaps the man or men who used it before. I like the idea of fabric storage. I can see that. I mean back in the day I'm sure they didn't buy heaps of fabric like we do today and I'm sure they didn't need much fabric since they tended to be smaller back then. So not much storage was needed. So I could see it. Looking forward to drawer one now. Very exciting. :-)

  2. Actually my Grandmother knew the woman who's estate it was (She's still alive, they were just consolidating her stuff because she's moving), but I don't think it's hers due to the fact of how old everything is, and how there's nothing newish in it.
    Get ready for the fist drawer, I'm editing the pictures now!